Tuesday 26 April 2022

Reliving a Portion of My Younger Life Today.

WHERE ARE WE? Russell, Kansas

Woke up this morning to a chilly Motorhome.  The temperature showed 3C and it felt like 5C with the wind chill.  I actually had to put some socks on in my sandals, but I refused to put long pants on.  

First things first, I stopped at the Murphy Station for fuel.  Cheapest we have seen at $4.62 a gallon.  So we filled up.  $350.00, Ouch!!

Our trip today will take us 450 Kms further north.  We are hoping to keep the average about 400 kms every day and that will get us into Canada Friday afternoon.  We only have about an hours travelling once we cross to get to our sons place in Reston Manitoba.  

We took roads less travelled all day today and even did a back road.  It was paved but I'm not sure it had a number.  The scenery is wonderful and some of the quaint little towns are like stepping back in time.  

A couple water towers side by side caught my eye.  One said Hot and the other said Cold!!  I'm quite sure it is not true, but it makes you look!!  Sorry for the bad picture but I was shooting from the hip!!

We drove for a couple hours and we decided a wee nap was in order.  We stopped by the road in a little town called Kiowa.  A couple hours later we were on the road again!!!

The green fields slowly started to turn to brown fields as we got further north.  The winter wheat is not headed out here yet like it was in Texas and Oklahoma.   Still warm though.

When I was in my teens, I used to come down here to custom combine winter wheat.  I still have a little pill bottle at home with some of the red soil in it.  Every time I see that soil here, I remember the good times I had as a kid roaming this country.  I started coming here when I was 15 until I was 18.  Those were the days.

Part of my job then was delivering the grain to the elevator from the combine.  Long lineups of trucks at these big cement terminals.  It all brings back good memories!!

We found a nice spot for the night at a roadside rest stop near Russell Kansas.  I took a few pictures for the records.

We had a nice play with Archie chasing the ball.  It is funny to watch him run with those short little legs. He was pooped and just sat in the window watching the world go by.

Sue and I spent some computer time doing emails and blogs.  We have lots of things to catch up on in the next couple weeks.

A pretty sunset again tonight.  Good enough for me!!  Goodnight!!


  1. There is always excitement in good memories, glad you three are enjoying the drive. Stay safe.


  2. We are headed up to North Dakota right now to help our friends plant. Although I enjoy that, harvesting in the fall is my favorite!


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