Friday 29 April 2022

On the Road Again!

WHERE ARE WE? Bismark North Dakota

After a great sleep last night, I was up at 8 am and checked on our UPS parcel.  It said it was in Norfolk Nebraska ready to head for O'Neill.  I grabbed a coffee and headed into the shop to have coffee with the guys.  The people in DNJ Repair are good ole country folk and I just felt like I had known them for years.  

We finished coffee and I had some breakfast and then the UPS truck drove in the yard.  

Sure enough, he had our motor, and it was the right one to boot.

Nick got right to work on installing the new motor and within an hour it was ready to go.  We fired up the MH and bingo!! The fan worked like a charm.  The new motor is that silver thing way down there.  We are so thankful for people like the Nicolite family who see someone in need and do everything in their power to try to help.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and Nick for a job well done.  And yes we will be back to visit one day.

We needed some fuel so we went into town first to get some.  This was a good opportunity to test out the fan motor.  It worked perfectly!   The price of diesel had gone up from $5.09 when we went through here on Wed to $5.49 a gallon.  Wow!!  I only got $50 worth cause Gas Buddy says it is $4.69 down the road about 60 miles.  That will be a saving of almost $60.00 on a 70 gallon fill.  The country side here has been crying for rain and this morning they got an answer to their prayers.  A nice soaking rain was coming down by the time we left and it rained most of the day while we travelled.  Not a hard rain, just a nice light rain.

When we got to the Fort Randall Dam the flashing lights were on.  They put them on when the wind is too high going across the dam and they direct you to take the "toe road"!  It is down below the dam out of the wind.  We were glad this option was there because we had been fighting wind for about and hour before arriving here. 

Up the road we went and the wind subsided in about 30 miles.  Nice big bridge just before Aberdeen SD.

Our drive today took us to Bismark ND.  It was a long drive but we need to make up some time if we are going to attend our grandson Lincolns birthday party. 

Along the way there were lots of snow banks in the ditches.  Some of them are 4 feet deep!!  I'm not sure I'm liking this!!

When we got to the Walmart in Bismark, there was a great big snowbank in front of us.  Archie has never witnessed snow before, so tomorrow morning we will let him play in that bank.  It will be fun to see what he thinks of it.  We are glad we got back on the road and now its time to sleep.  Goodnight!


  1. Wow, great service. You do find the most interesting places to need help. Continued safe journey, happy birthday Lincoln.

    For some reason I can’t use google to comment.

    On a long and lonesome highway…

  2. Glad you are back on the road and will likely be attending Lincoln's Birthday Party.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Party.

    It's about time.

  3. The price of diesel fuel in Durham Ontario this morning was $2.299/litre. It has jumped .26 cents in 3 days.

  4. Sure glad your repairs worked out!


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