Saturday 9 April 2022

Supper at the Marina

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

One of the reasons I pushed through last night to make it to Magnolia Beach was because this morning at 9 am they are having their annual area cleanup.  I have always tried to get involved in this sort of thing because we really appreciate that Calhoun County allows us to park for free on the beach for 2 weeks.  They supply us with bathrooms and showers and garbage pickup for absolutely nothing.  The least we can do is to pitch in an keep the area clean.  So I joined the group to pick up some trash today.  The area I worked in was by Indianola.  It is about a mile down the road from where we are parked.  They had over 100 people sign up today so it was a quick process.  They cleaned up approximately 2 miles of beach and about 8 miles of road in about an hour.  

After the cleanup, they fed us hot dogs for lunch down at the fire hall.  What a nice gesture.  They even had prizes for the people who cleaned up the most!!!  We ran into our friends Tom and Norma who we got to know a few years ago when we were here.

Along about 9 am we looked down the road and saw a familiar bird sneaking up on us!!!  It was "Roundtuit" and our friends Ed and Lessie!!!  They spent the winter in Arizona and have trekked over here to meet up with us.  Its been over 3 years since we saw them last.

We had a nice spot right next to us on the beach!!  It was so great to reconnect with them.  They are one of the original full timers that we hooked up with and we love to spend time with them.

And then a couple hours later, George and Henny showed up.  They parked on the other side of us.  And then about 5 oclock, Pat and Harold showed up as well.  4 rigs on the beach for a few days.

We had a quiet afternoon just sitting and watching the boats go by out our front window.  It is quite warm here with temps close to 30C.  

We decided to head down to the Indianola Fishing Marina for supper.  They were advertising some entertainment so tonight might be a good night.

They have new owners and the word is that they are doing a great job of running the business and have great food.  We were not disappointed in that the food and music were both great.  

Before supper we watched a couple guys pull in a couple big Black Drums.  They were about 30 pounds or so, and they released both of them.  They both had quite a battle.

Sunset finally came to the Marina and it was time to hit the trail.  It was a lovely evening, but us old folks can't seem to hang out very late after a couple of big days on the road.  It was kinda a shame because the music was good.

When we got home, there was a little excitement down from us when 2 ambulances and 5 cop cars came screaming in lights and sirens.  Of course I had to go for a look and I think maybe it was a domestic of some sort.  On the other hand we had no problems today and we went to bed with smiles on our faces.  Goodnight!!

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