Monday 25 April 2022

A Leisurely Drive North

WHERE ARE WE? El Reno, Oklahoma

We sort of slowed down today on purpose.  Like I said yesterday, we need to lose a day somehow so the warm weather can catch up.  So today we only did 300 kms or so.  We don't want to go into Canada before Friday, because it is supposed to be cold at nights there until then.  Friday the lows will stay above freezing so we can handle that.

Today we really noticed the greenery as we travelled.  The winter wheat is growing quite well although some of it looks like it could use some moisture.  The rain we just had will help, I'm sure.

A nice day's travels and we ended up near a Walmart again.  It's not a bad place to hang out really!!

A day and evening relaxing and waiting on the weather.  As you can see the weather is good here.  25C this afternoon.  And a few clouds toward evening but it made for a nice sunset!  Goodnight!


  1. There is a Lucky Star Casino on the other side of El Reno with 12 full service RV hookups, first come, first served. We have stayed there a few times, quieter then Walmart. Something to remember for another time.

  2. Have nice road

    Normally the water line of RV will not freeze up to -7 deg C


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