Monday 4 April 2022

Packing Up for the Northern Migration

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Well I time here in La Penita is drawing to an end and today it was time to start breaking camp.  Tomorrow is lift off as we start our long northern migration.  Lots of things to do like drain tanks and fill with water, pack away all the STUFF!  We seem to have twice as much as what we came with.  Also removed the internet dish and took down the cell phone booster.  We also have to put the lid back on the jeep and roll up the dog fence.  We will be doing some boondocking on the way home so I got up to clean the solar panels.  We got the MH washed a week or so ago and already the sticky salt mist has attracted a lot of dirt.

While I was up there I noticed all of the vegetation around our spot.  It doesn't matter where the sun comes from, we have shade.   It has been a lovely spot and we look forward to returning next fall.

Yes we have our own banana grove in our back yard.  It didn't produce any banana's this year though.

Haircut time again!!  I changed hair dressers this time after a Mexican military cut the last time!  I will certainly be back to this girl.  I am guilty of often saying, why do people take selfies because nobody has figured out where the camera actually is and they look absolutely stupid looking where it isn't!!  Well here is living proof of that accusation.  Ouch!!  Looks like I just woke up.  

This is her cute little shop!!

We all went out for breakfast to say good bye to Tina and to go over Kenia's upcoming trip to Canada.  Because she has never travelled before, this is a pretty daunting journey for her.  She has a tight connection in Toronto and has to clear customs and immigration there as well so we wanted to make sure she had some idea where she was going.  Our friend joined us for breakfast and coincidently he is an English Spanish teacher so he made sure Kenia understood how to get help in the airport if she needed it.  She will do fine.  

Then it was off to Los Ayala to get our bum shots again.  This is the last one.  I am feeling great now and Sue is much better, but she will take some time to recover.  I took a couple pictures of the waiting area at the Dr's today.  This obviously used to be a bar with a stripper stage at one time.  It was just missing the pole!!  And the other stage makes a good seating area for waiting.

And a stop for gas on the way home.  It used to be that Mexican gas was expensive for us 2 years ago because it was about 1.32/liter.  Now 2 years later the price is only 1.41/liter.  I defy you to find it for that price in Canada.  

And the last supper in La Penita was spent with our we Mexican family.  Although Kenia and Josie have taken a break on their relationship, they are still buddies.  We love to spend time with Josie and I stop at the shop and talk with him all the time.  He is a true wood craftsman.  Anyway they told us that they would be over to the park in the morning to see us off.  

And they had a band at Las Brisas and I can prove it because I got the shirt!!  I will model it another day.

And another sunset, which will be the last one we see over the Pacific this year.  We have had such a perfect season here.  The weather is to die for and it goes on and on and on!!  We have a short travel day tomorrow and then doing some interesting things for a couple days.  Stay tuned!!  Goodnight!


  1. I have so enjoyed following your travels this winter. Safe journey home. Oh and Gas only in Alberta you can get for $1.41 at Costco lol.

    Brenda Brown

  2. Another great winter in the books! Safe travels north.

  3. It has been a great winter for you as well! Nice to know where you'll be next fall. Takes a lot of the questionables out of the equation. :)
    I'm happy to hear Kenia is visiting you in Canada. Make sure she doesn't bring food or if she does to claim it. Border Security always freaks me out when I watch it!

  4. It was definitely a wonderful Winter you had in Mexico.
    Looking forward to your travel adventures.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

  5. I truly enjoyed your blog. Such a beautiful area....beautiful people. May your travel days be safe ones. Elva Shannon

  6. I'm excited to hear about Kenia's trip to Canada, I hope she has a great time but I'm sure it will be daunting at the same time. Safe travels and I look forward to following your trip home.

  7. Glad to read you are both feeling better. Safe Travels.

  8. Thanks for posting a couple of photos of rigs in the campground. There are always lots of photos of the beach and bars but I have always been trying to see photos of the campground layout with RVs parked. Trying to see the size of units in place.


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