Monday 11 April 2022

I Saw Three Ships go Sailing In!!

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

We headed to Victoria to pick up some supplies today.  On the way out of town we stopped by to see how the town mascot is dressed today.  Edgar stands in this spot every day and sports clothing appropriate to the time of year.  Today he is in hip waders, so I guess it is fishing season.  I'm sure his attire will change before we leave to something more along the Easter lines.

While we were in Victoria, we stopped at a Dairy Queen for a wee ice cream fix.  A small cone for Archie and Blizzards for Sue and I.

I saw one of the employees and it reminded me of all the Facebook hype right now around a big Blizzard which will sweep through Manitoba dropping a whole bunch of snow on them.  I am kinda glad we are where we are.  I can endure a little wind and 30C temps thanks.

Back to the beach for the afternoon.  It was windy again today so not a lot got done.  We watched a few ships and I found a new app for my phone that tells me the ship name, picture and when it will arrive or depart Port Comfort.  So far it is quite accurate.

This is the map it gives me to show me where the ships are positioned.  People who know me, know that I love this kind of thing and it entertains my wee small mind for many hours.  And today it did just that until it was bed time.  Goodnight!

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