Sunday 24 April 2022

On the Road Again!!

WHERE ARE WE? Bowie, Texas

Today we are heading down the road again.  We have had a good visit with Ed and Lessie and hate to have to leave but that is how the world of RVing goes.  We will see them again in our travels, we just are not sure when.  We took some time for coffee with them this morning before packing up.

Archie was a little bit anxious to leave!!

We had a good day of travel today.  I have been watching the forecast and we need to slow down by one day if we want to have good weather all the way home.  Today we ran into some rain in the last 100 kms of our journey and it looks like it might rain all night but tomorrow is supposed to be nice.  If we can just do a little trek tomorrow, we will leave all the nastiness behind, and it should clear up in front of us.  We sure noticed that Texas is turning green.  It is full-fledged spring here with lots of flowers and all of the trees are in full foliage.  

We headed straight north with Bowie as our destination.  We are going to follow 81 highway along for a while now.

Our first major travel decision came at a fork in the road.  We had decided to go right through the middle of either Fort Worth or Dallas.  We flipped a coin and Fort Worth it is.

I was amazed at the maze of overpasses and freeways.  I was glad I had a good navigator!!

We got one shot of the skyline while we were whizzing through the center of the city.  I like going right through these large cities.  It is a sort of adrenalin rush.  A guy thing!!!

Just as we cleared the north end of the city, it started to rain and it rained off and on for the next 75 kms to our destination.  It did cool things down and believe it or not, even with the rain, the humidity dropped.

We saw this sign on the side of the road but decided not to go.  It reminded us of our friend Doug Laning who did some skydiving with his grandson Nick this winter.  I just have a big problem jumping out of a plane that is running fine!!

We pulled into the Walmart at Bowie about 6:00 and got set for the night.  It will be good sleeping weather tonight I think.

Archie and I went for a little walk down by the creek.  He had a great time until it started to pour.  Then we had to run for home. 

So here we are after a good day of travel.  I love the sound of the rain on the roof.  We have not seen rain since last summer so this is a welcome event.  A little TV and off to bed.  Goodnight!


  1. Bring some of that warm weather up here with you, we could use it!

  2. Looks like a good travel day. What's the saying? Upon each life a little rain must fall or something.
    Stay safe and warm.

  3. Hopefully your plan for good weather works out and even more hopefully spring has actually arrived in Manitoba by the time you get there!


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