Monday 18 April 2022

More Friends Leave and we Have Hot Water Again

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

This morning we said goodbye to Pat and Harold as they set off on their northern migration.  I think they are heading to Wisconsin to see friends but I'm not sure.  Next time we run into them will be back in good old sunny Manitoba.  Safe travels guys.

Shortly after they left, Sue and I headed into Port Lavaca to pick up our new Hot Water Tank.  It has been at the post office since Saturday.  That will give me something to do today.  Before heading home we stopped to get drinking water from the vending machine.  In my mind, drinking water from a machine is one of the biggest rip offs going.  Don't tell me you can do much of anything to water in that little machine in the 10 seconds or so that it takes water to run from the city line into your jug.  Really and honestly I would rather just find a city tap and fill up my jugs.  But like everyone else, I march up and pay my $1.50 for exactly the same water as you get for free from the tap beside it.  Lol.  Just my rant.  And further to that I put in $2.00 and was supposed to get 2 quarters back.  Instead I got 2 nickels!!!  Some body figured out to take the quarters he was given to put in the machine and change them for nickels and make some money.  Lets say the machine holds 20 bucks worth of quarters and he exchanged them for nickels he just put $16 bucks in his pocket, and if he fills 20 machines in a day he picked up a $320 tip!!  Not bad money.  Or maybe the machine just malfunctioned (twice) and gave me nickels!!!  I hope that's what it was.  I went in the store to report what happened and they said an outside source services the machines so I betting on the slight of hand!!!  The girl wanted to refund my money and I told her I just wanted them to check how this happened so it would get corrected.  She agreed that something sounded fishy. 

So off we went with our water and Amazon stuff to fix a water tank.  I had to old one out already, so I just had to set the new one in and hook up the wires and propane.

Then I installed the new cover on the tank.  I will get it painted next fall in Mexico.  I didn't need the outside part because only the door blew off the old one.

Spent a little time catching up on FB and this post made me think that there is really no big hurry to head north.  Jennifer is standing on the road beside CJ's!!   Maybe we need to drag our feet a little bit.  Thanks, Jennifer, for the update!!!  We will just stay here a while longer and enjoy the warmth of the beach.  Good night!!


  1. Enjoy that beach life as long as you can. Our next clipper seems to be starting tonight, or at least the snow and wind are here.

  2. Nice repair job on the Hot Water Heater. Yes stay where it is warmer, looks like up and down spring weather.

  3. Certainly no rush to get home. Our insurance will be longer next year so we can do the same. At least that's the plan right now! Enjoy!


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