Wednesday 13 April 2022

More Ships and Highlights!

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

More wind again today and hot and muggy.  We still like it more than the alternative!!  Lots of ships going in and out of the bay today.  That ship app I have was just hopping!!

This is one of the bigger ships that comes in here, and he was going a little fast.  When they do that, their wake sends big waves up on the shore. 

These waves have been mentioned around here as one of the reasons the shoreline is receding!  It sure does stir up a lot of sand and water.   You can see the wake heading our way in the picture.

One of the things that the wakes do, is stir up the shell beach and it makes for good coral hunting.  While the ship went by, I had been doing highlights in Sues hair.  I have always done her hair for her, and her hairdresser probably cringes when she sees the shoddy workmanship, but oh well, I enjoy doing it.

So when she saw the ship go by, the rush was on to get the highlight goop in her hair so she could go hunting.  Her compadres were already out there scouring for the treasures.

The search went on even after the goop was washed out of her hair.  Their necks must get sore looking down all the time.

This is what they are searching for.

I thought the final result of the hair color was good.  Normally it is a really bright blonde highlight, but this one turned out more subtle.  I think it will work!!

Things were still a little windy and hazy here as the sun headed for the horizon.  We sat out and chatted for quite a while before heading in for the night.  Goodnight!


  1. Great job on Sue's hair. A live in hair stylist. 😍
    Pretty rocks or Coral or whatever they are. Worth searching for.

    1. A veryA beautiful girl! Suzanne from Quebec . Happy Easter!


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