Tuesday 19 April 2022

An Awsome Visit with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

Today was super windy again so we spent a good deal of our day in the motorhome just chillin.   Chillin is not the word for it because it is 30C outside with 98% humidity, so everything is sticky and hot.  Sometimes I think being chilly would be better because we could put on a coat.  Anyway, chillin is what we did until about 4 pm.

I mentioned before that one of the main reasons we come to Magnolia Beach is because we have a few friends here.  Randy and Sue are a couple that we met a few years ago and we seem to have enough things in common that we enjoy each other's company.  Now I don't really have the authority to speak for them, but I think the feeling is mutual.  Randy is an avid fisherman, and a super cook so they invited us over for a fish cookout.  We couldn't turn it down.  They have a lovely house in a quiet corner of town.

They had cream cheese and black raspberry sauce.  My goodness was it ever good.  They got it from a market that sells all sorts of neat sauces 

Randy had his deep fryer going.  It is made from a discer disc and horseshoes for handles.  He did all the fish and fries in it.  

The supper was amazing, halibut, flounder, crab cakes and fries.  I think there was some trout too!!

And to end the day we had a great game of spinner dominos.  It is a new one for us and we really liked it.  It moves along really well and is easy to play.  Guess what?  I lost.  It was a great day.  Goodnight!!

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