Tuesday 12 April 2022

A Visit to the Calhoun County Museum

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

Had a bit of a guy's day today.   Ed and I jumped in Georges Jeep, and we headed to Port Lavaca to kill some time.  Harold decided to stay home with Murphy.  I had mentioned to the guys that the ACE Hardware in town has a lot of interesting things in it.  We spent about an hour in there looking at everything from zero turn mowers to smokers, to Stihl chainsaws and nuts and bolts and gadgets of all sorts and makes.  It is an amazing store if you are into fixing things.  George needed some grommets and sure enough, they had the ones he needed.  

It was lunch time, so we checked out a local restaurant called The Wagon Train.  Boy did we make a good decision!!!  Ed had a fish burger which was huge and apparently delicious.

George and I had Hamburger steak.  It came with white gravey and a couple biscuits for dipping!! MMMM.

After lunch we stopped at the Calhoun County Museum.  The lady there was a great host, and we were the only ones in the place, so she gave us her undivided attention.  What a history this part of the country has.  It was a major port for German immigration in the late 1800's and 10s of thousands came through this port to continue on into the USA.  The town of Indianola used to be big with 2000 people living there and a busy shipping port ran from its piers.

Like Quartzite Arizona, a trial using camels was tried here.  They didn't last very long before they turned them loose and that was the end of that.  This is a camel saddle.

And they had a neat side saddle for the ladies.  One foot in the stirrup and a leg around the horn and away they went. 

There was a neat quilt there too.  The squares were not square but rather like flowers.  What a lot of time it would have taken to make this.

They had some other things for giggles too like a wooden nickel certificate and a back seat driver's license.  Notice who signed the license.  Lol

We had a great tour and headed home.

Watched some more ships before calling it a day.  Goodnight!

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  1. Amazing how ships that far away create Wakes that disturb the shoreline.
    Really like the Back Seat Drivers License.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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