Saturday 30 April 2022

We are Back in Canada

WHERE ARE WE? Reston, Manitoba, Canada

It was chilly and windy when we woke up in the Walmart Parking lot in Bismark.  The wind was howling, and it was coming straight from the North.  We have watched diesel prices climb all day yesterday and today they all seem to be levelling out at $5.49 per gallon.  Wow!!  It will cost us $450.00 US to fill up.  With the increase in price, it means that North Dakota and Manitoba are about equal in price except in Canada it will cost about $580.00 Cnd to fill up.  Although that is the same amount of money, it hurts a lot more.  Maybe it's time to trade off for a gas MH.  US gas is only 3.99 a gallon.  Anyhow the road was straight and not busy today.

One of the things I enjoy seeing north of Bismark are the big oversize cranes that are mining coal around Falkirk.  They are supplying a large coal fired power plant.  

It seems that the USA is smart enough to know that coal is probably one of the cleanest solutions to power generation after hydro power.  We are aware that we have enough trees in this world to use up all the carbon we can produce and a little extra!!  I know, I know we have to worry about climate change and global warming.....or do we?  Its April 30 and I am wearing 2 jackets and there is snow everywhere and I am freezing.  Tell me about this global warming again?  No, better still, someone needs to show me that it is happening!!  It will probably take a million years for us to see any effects from the minute emissions from a coal stack I think.  Ok rant over.  

A little farther up the road was the Canadian/USA border.  We sailed through customs with no problems.  Just a few questions was all.  We joked about our dog Archie, and how we bought him from a rescue for 60 bucks, and we sometimes wonder if he was worth it. The lady was looking at our Arrive Canada app at the same time and broke out with laughter.  She said "I suppose it was Archie that chewed up your Immunization Record?"   We both said yes right away and started to snicker along with her.  I asked her how she knew about that and she said the picture was on her computer!!  She said its a wonder they accepted it on the app but said she thinks they knew what had happened.  Lol.  We can honestly say that we have never had a moments problems at any international border and rather enjoy the experience.  If you got nothing to hide and show some respect there is no problem even if the dog chews your paperwork!!

Another half hour down the road and we were at our son Derek and Nicole's house.  We are going to spend some time with them and celebrate their youngest son Lincoln's 2nd birthday.  Its always fun hanging with the grandkids.  We are so blessed with ALL of our grandchildren.  Being away from them in the winter is one of the tough things for us but being with them in the summer makes up for all of that.  A few pictures for the record of, oldest to youngest, Abby, Silas, Emma, and Lincoln.

Derek had moved his travel trailer so that we can park right up to his back step.  How handy is that?

Well after a nice pizza supper we retired to our house on wheels.  Archie is even pooped from all that travelling.  We are too, so Goodnight!!


  1. Diesel is the equivalent of $6.00 USD per gallon here in Romania. However, our little rig gets 26 mpg!

  2. Welcome home. Glad you all made it safe and sound. Nice to see family after so much time away. Love the paperwork. Haha

    On a long and lonesome highway…

  3. You were within a few miles of us when you went north of Bismarck. The fuel prices up here are some of the highest we have seen in a while. Good to be back on your home soil I bet. Welcome home!

  4. Welcome home.

  5. Glad you made it Safely back to Canada. Enjoy the Grands and the Burthdays.

    It's about time.

  6. So glad you arrived safely. See you in the fall.

  7. Welcome back to Canada, enjoy your time with the grandkids.

  8. Welcome home. Good rant.

  9. Hi Sue and Lorne, good to hear about your safe travels back. I’d love to drop by Rivers beach to visit with you sometime. Enjoy your grandkids & families. See you soon!

  10. Oh, that last comment from “anonymous “ was from me, Susie Paddock 😊


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