Thursday 28 April 2022

Problem Identified and Parts are on the Way!

WHERE ARE WE? O'Neill, Nebraska

Well, we got up early (for us) 8 am to get packed up and head a mile across country to DNJ Repair to diagnose our overheating problem.  The mile drive didn't even bring the engine up to temperature and it was just about 130 F when we got there.  Right away I was met at the door by Dennis who is one of the mechanics.  He said Nick will be out in a minute and he will be working on my problem.  Nick took a quick look and then he backed me into the shop.  He and the owner of the shop, Dan Nekolite Jr. started discussing what it could be after I told them what had happened.  We ruled out electric, we ruled out sensors, we ruled out leaked coolant and all that was left was the actual Hydraulic fan motor to blame it on.

We all agreed that the motor had to come off so we could check it out, so Nick got busy and took it off.  It is in an awkward place so there was a bit of cussing involved.

It almost looked like there was a murder under there by the time Nick was done!  Some of the bolts required a lot of persuasion because of what I think is the rust that we acquired by living 5 months by the ocean.

And there it was, the hydraulic motor that runs the fan and guess what?  When you turned the shaft by hand it made a grinding noise and then it locked up solid.  I'm betting we diagnosed this problem right!!

Now the big job was to find one and get it here.  Most places they knew of that might have it were looking at 2 weeks to get it.  I checked on the Spartan site and low and behold they have them in Mississippi.  

I called to see what shipping was like and Todd the parts guy told me that Shawna the shipping girl would put it on UPS this afternoon with delivery Friday (tomorrow) morning delivery for an additional $165.00.  With tax the cost of the pump will be about $630.00, Well, I'm game for that and I told him it better be here tomorrow!!  We did check this evening and things are looking like it will be here in the morning.

With that all done it was time to relax. We joined the 2 hydraulic lines together so we could drive the MH out of the shop for the night.

We found a nice little grassy spot in the truck line for the night.  They even have electricity and power and sewer here if you need it.  How nice is that!!  We certainly lucked out finding this shop.  Come to think of it, we have been treated royally every time we have had to go to a shop in the USA.  The only time we were taken advantage of was at Freightliner in our own city of Brandon MB.  I will not go back there for sure.

We took Archie for a walk, and he got to play with the garage guard dog whose name is Pete.  Pete is a short-legged dog too, so him and Archie got along for the most part.

Archie was going to give the cows what for until one of them moooo'ed.  Archie bolted and wouldn't go near them any more, the little chicken!!

Sue and I went into town to pick up a couple things.  They have a couple nice grocery stores here.

Then it was back home, supper and a sunset.

We ended the evening with an episode of Survivor!!  Life is good!  Hope yours is too.  Goodnight!


  1. Hopefully you are on your way before long. I have to agree with you on the service that we have received while travelling in the U.S., when ever we have had a problem, we have been looked after quickly.

  2. Fingers crossed that that is the problem, and you are on the road again soon!

  3. Hoping that is the quick fix you need to be back on the road.
    If that happens don't kill yourselves trying to make up for lost time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the journey.

    It's about time.

  4. That’s mechanics, by a chance we are thougher than mechanics …..

  5. Ditto to the wonderful support and service when we have travelled through the US! Great people!


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