Saturday 2 April 2022

This is Why I Would Live in Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Sue has to go to the Dr in Los Ayala every day for 3 more days to get her needle in the touche!!!  Kenia said she will drive Mama Suz to the Dr and she said I could come too if I wanted.  This is the part of the story I like best.  She borrowed Josies truck to take us and no... she does not have a drivers license.  Her and Josie are friends with all of the polica so they don't worry about things like licenses, and yes probably insurance.  But who cares???  Certainly not Kenia!!!  The smile says it all.  She is helping Mama Suz!!!

The Dr's office is quite modern and there is a big wooden statue at the front door.  

There is a sign for Los Ayala on the front desk.  Now another part of the story that I enjoy, is that there is no modesty in the clinic really.  The Dr's assistant would be administering the needle and she ushered Sue into a room off the waiting area.  She asked me if I wanted to come with Sue and I declined, but Kenia said "I will" and off she went to watch the performance.  They even left the door part way open but I didn't peek!!  And I didn't get any pictures. lol  If that happened in Canada, someone would be in big kaka!!!  Lol  Well jab #2 is history with 2 more to go.  She feels quite a bit better already.

We had to stop for lunch and Kenia knew a little Pollo place in Guayabitos.  Well she ordered us a chicken combo that was to die for.  Everything was exploding with flavour!!!  It was just a little hole in wall place and the whole thing cost us 250 pesos!!  This photo doesn't show the 2 big coleslaw and macaroni salads they brought!!

We got home in late afternoon and Archie and I went for a little walk on the beach.  All we saw of interest was a dead sting ray!!  

And then it was time to go out for supper!!!  Oh good.. didn't we just eat??  Never mind, we can eat again.  Pat and Harold invited us out to supper at Sergio's.  We wanted to say Adios to him and his wife and family and staff.  They are such good people.  On the way there we saw a guy doing some cement work in front of his house.  He had picked washed rocks from the beach and cemented them in the cuts in the sidewalk and now was polishing it so the rocks really looked good.  They are such craftsmen down here.

Supper for me was enchilada's.   Not a big meal because I didn't need a big meal, but a Pina Colada was necessary!!

And of course the traditional sunset picture.   I said when the sun hits the island, it is time to leave.  Well I guess its about that time.  Goodnight!!


  1. I can understand the draw, life is simple, common sense rules the day. A little more “old school” wouldn’t hurt us any. Glad Ms Sue is on the mend.

  2. Hahaha! We don't need no stinkin insurance.
    The shots are so much better than the hospital or
    weeks of oral anitibiotics that don't always work.
    Yes, old school can be best. I just had a land line put in!

  3. Good to hear that Sue is feeling better but if you keep it up you are going to need to go on a diet when you get home!

  4. Such a cute picture of Kenia. I love what I see on the table of the "little pollo place ". Simple foods with not a lot of "stuff". That's how my mother and family cooked...simple simple simple. Elva Shannon

  5. Good Food helps folks recover from what ails them :)

  6. I am also happy that Sue is being taken care of. Kenia, you probably can't bring her and Oscar home with you? She is a keeper!❤
    Enchiladas and pina coladas sound perfect.

  7. Glad to read Sue is feeling better. Every time I read your blog I hear why you like it down there. Wonderful people, laid back no rush lifestyle, beautiful scenery, and good food. Now you throw in a pina colada for good measure and it does sound like a very special place.

  8. Great that Sue is starting to feel better and once again another stunning sunset ... thanks for sharing those pictures!


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