Monday, 7 November 2016

A Ferry Ride

Today we left Walmart and headed south toward the Cape May to Lewes Ferry.
 Along the way we saw lots of big homes and lots of boats being prepared for winter.

We decided to take the ferry and pay the $68.00 because to go around on the mainland was about 100 miles farther which would take fuel and also we would have to pay a couple bridge tolls which could be 10 or 20 bucks total.  We reserved our spot on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry web site which was very easy to do.  Put in our credit card and we were confirmed on the 2:30 pm ferry.  We arrived well in advance and were met at the gate by the friendliest guy around.  He made us very comfortable with the procedures before and during boarding. We like it when we think someone is looking after us.

Because we were booked on at 2:30 we arrived in lots of time so we could do some things around the Ponderosa.  We were the very first vehicle in line.

I wanted to get accurate measurements of the Ponderosa for future use.  I climbed up top and we measured the highest point at 12 feet exactly.  We have an old CB antenna that we don't use anymore and it is right on the front of the motor home, so I cut it off at exactly 13 feet so if we had to we could judge if we could make it under something by standing and watching if the antenna cleared the obstruction. We also measured our length at 59 feet 6 inches without the bikes on the back of the Jeep.  With the bikes we are 61 feet exactly.  One of the ferry length categories was under 60 feet so we had to take them off to save 15 bucks on the ferry fee.  

While in line a little Toyota Class C motor home pulled up beside us. The lady in it was from Florida but had been up in the Hamptons working for the summer.  The reason I have to include a picture is for my friend Trop who is a lover of Toyota motor homes.  We had this one a little outsized.

Momma bear and baby bear
Wanna race?
As we were waiting we were approached by a lady who is the Director of Marketing for the Delaware River and Bay Authority Cape May Lewes Ferry.  Her name is Rhona Bronson and she was interested in increasing the flow of RV's across their system.  She was very nice and spent a few minutes questioning us to try and see what makes us RV'ers tick.  She wanted to know what things they could do to attract more RV's to come this way.  I think one of the things that RV'ers don't like is to be in tense situations and some think the whole loading on a ferry is a tense thing.  She told me that they currently offer a drive on service for disabled car clients and maybe could do more to pilot large RV's on and off the ferry.  She is trying hard to market this service and I wish her well and Sue and I will do all we can to promote this facility as being RV friendly.  So if your heading down this way make sure to take the ferry.  Tell them Lorne and Sue sent you and you will get..........well probably nothing, but you will enjoy the experience.

Our ferry is waiting.
Our loading on the ferry was made so easy for us.  One of the deck hands guided us on and made certain we did not high center on the ramp.  Because the ferry was not full we were allowed to take up the entire center 2 lanes so there was no crowding on either side of the Ponderosa.  Awesome service and all with big smiles.  These guys and gals are obviously proud of what they do.  Salute to you all.

Almost front row center.
Our view from the windshield of the Ponderosa
Susan and I went up top for a little while, but it was quite windy and cool, so we grabbed something to munch on and went below to sit in the Ponderosa.  Our view was quite good except for the fact we were looking out the back.

We both managed to get in this picture. 
We did see some ships on the horizon on the way across.  I'm sure I will be in the old folks home before MY ship comes in.  Fingers crossed.

Because we had to travel a bit after the ferry ride is was dark by the time we got set up in our special little boondocking spot tonight so this was the view from our window tonight.


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