Friday 25 November 2016

Beach Day

Today was a beach day.  After the shuttle dropped us off after a late breakfast we got ready and headed to the beach for the day.  It is quite a long walk so they have awesome shuttle service between the lobby and our resort building.  Our building is quite close to the beach though so we are happy.

On the way we marveled at the beautiful lush green flowering bushes.

A young man was feeling his oats and did some backflips on the grass.  It is good to see everyone in a festive mood.

First stop was the bar for a cool drink before the suntanning commenced.

During the afternoon they had a beach party with a big bubble canon.  Sue and Betty had to try it out before we headed back to the resort for supper.

Everyone was boogying.  I think I caught someone"s Bride by accident in this picture.
Susan thought it looked like she had wooly knee socks on.
When we got home after supper we were so tired I forgot to take a view from our window.

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