Wednesday 23 November 2016

Visit to the Mexican Market

It was a cloudy rainy day today in Playa Del Carmen.  On our way down to breakfast we came across the Bride to Be.  She is getting quite excited for the big event.

Kara and Sue
After breakfast we headed back to the room and encountered some iguanas out laying around.

We spent some time on the beach playing in the ocean.  The waves were quite large today so had a lot of fun.  We even got to bury Ron in the sand.

Ron buried in the sand.
We were going to head into the market early in the day but three of the girls in our group had about 500 bucks stolen from their room.  They spent the afternoon talking to the hotel and trying to resolve the situation.  So far they are not very satisfied with the results and I will update as to how this all turns out.  In the meantime, be very careful as you travel to make sure your valuables are locked in the safe and not where anyone is tempted to take them.

Later in the day we headed off to the market in Playa Del Carmen.

One of the unique things they have there is a foot massage using little fish.  They supposedly eat all of the dead skin off of your feet.  Betty said it felt really good.

Foot massage
We ended the evening with a nice supper at a local restaurant before heading back to the Resort.


  1. Those little fish eating the dead skin is an Asian thing! I can't wait to go to some of these Asian countries to try it out.

    Sorry that the girls lost money but I think that is a newbie traveler kind of thing, hopefully they will have learnt from this lesson so that it won't be repeated. I hope that the hotel can resolve the problem in some way.

    1. Betty said the fish made her feet really soft. So far the hotel has not offered anything and the Mexican representative of Sunwing says that in this country they do not accuse any one so they can't be sure if any theft actually happened. Different customs than what we are used to.


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