Sunday 20 November 2016

Getting ready for Mexico

We were up early to see the Stickles and friends head off to Miami to the Sprint Cup Series Championship.  Because there were 9 of them going they went in a limo.  It arrived and they loaded up and off they went.

And they're off to the races
We didn't know we were going to be here when it was on or we may have followed them to the race.  It was probably just as well because we needed to stay home and get ready for our flight to Mexico tomorrow.
We have a very pretty spot to relax in right next to their home and pool.

I wonder if Paul would notice if I hooked up to the boat when we leave.
We went down to Walmart and because it was a warm day we looked for a shady parking spot for Charlie. When we got out of the car we were met by a whole bunch of white birds.  I think they are egrets but am not sure.  They came running up to meet us because it looks like people feed them here.

Susan was a little unsure about these guys.

The next stop Charlie and I just hung out under a tree and waited for squirrels.  It was such a pretty day.

Charlie waiting in the shade
Around supper time we turned on the Sprint race from Miami that everyone went to and just caught the end of the race.  The number 48 car with Jimmie Johnson driving won the race and his 7th Championship.  Now I wouldn't know Jimmie Johnson if he was to walk in the room, but there is one person I associate the name with.  Our special friend Karyn is probably his biggest fan.  I bet she was proud today.

Karyn and her Jimmie Johnson stuff.

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