Wednesday 30 November 2016

Battery problems

Today we slept in to make up for getting up at 2:30 yesterday morning.  We had to go pick up Charlie from the doggy hotel after 10 because he had an appointment for a bath and a pedicure.  He was pretty fluffy when we picked him up, and quite excited to see us.

We noticed this morning that something was not right with the chassis batteries because the charger was clicking on and off.  After we got back from getting Charlie I tried starting the motor home and discovered the batteries were stone dead.  I tried to boost them using the cross over button but that didn't work.  I decided to boost them and while I was under there I observed that they were installed in 2008.  Maybe that is the problem.  I will take them and get them load tested tomorrow.  I suspect they will not pass. I did boost it and it started and the alternator immediately started charging them.   I left it run for a half hour and brought them up to 12.4 volts.  I will watch and see how fast they go down.

Paul and Betty left the pool area open for us so we enjoyed a refreshing swim in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Because today was hot it was quite refreshing.  Thanks for letting us use it guys.

The evening was spent trying to decide where we will hang out for the next couple weeks as we make our way up around the gulf side of Florida.

Our view tonight.  It was too dark to do the window thing so here is how we spent  our evening watching TV while Charlie waits for treats.

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