Thursday 10 November 2016

Its all about the Title

So I have been doing a little checking on which posts are getting the most views and have been trying to figure out what brings people to my blog.  It is very obvious to me that my readers are an inquisitive bunch and they are not sure what I will post from day to day.  The post that got the most views, almost 3 times as many as the rest was the one titled "X Rated Post".
 So it has become apparent that all of you are looking for some interesting stories.  I will remember that when I make titles from now on.

Secondly, I do enjoy your comments.  Please leave us a comment because that is the only way we know who is reading our blog.  Although the blog is mainly a journal of our travels I would hope I entertain or inform you as we go.  Your comments are my little reward for what I do.  (You can tell me even when you don't like a post as well).

Lastly, we do appreciate everyone who has ordered product from Amazon through our link on our home page.  We do get a little something for every order you place through our site.  Maybe we will make enough  to pay for our blogging costs.

Today was another lazy day in Myrtle Beach State Park.  The beach here is gorgeous and it was quite warm out there.  Sue and I had a little picnic lunch on the beach.  I went on the fishing pier to check out what was going on there.  There were a few people fishing and some birds around begging.

Lots of horses on the beach
I believe this is an egret
They said this was a salt water perch
This park received quite a lot of tree damage from Hurricane Matthew.  Also one of the piers farther down the beach was completely destroyed.  It makes for a lot of work for park staff cleaning up.  The trees are quite large.

There are about 3 yards in this small park full of trees that have been cut up.
As we get farther south we get away from the comfort and safety of the prairies.  The park staff make sure that we are informed of the dangers here especially the copperhead snakes.  They are poisonous and there are quite a few here in the park.  They have a wonderful camouflage but are not agressive unless you step on one.  They warn us to keep the dog out of the grass after dark.

Another thing there is lots of here is poison ivy.  They even show you what it looks like.

We took a little drive to the Christmas store up the road.  This place is filled with Christmas. Sue spent some time picking up some things to make the Ponderosa look like Christmas.  I will save the pictures of what she bought until she sets it all up.

While she was there, I went up the road to have a quick look at some military jets that are on display outside the airport at the Warbird park. Three different fighter jets-on-poles in the little park commemorate Myrtle Beach's past link to the U.S. Air Force.  Just a small display but quite nice.

Because we are staying in the same spot tonight the view from our window remains the same as yesterday.


  1. I remember staying at Myrtle Beach State Park back during our first year of RV'ing. It is a pretty park and the beach is wonderful there. Did you actually see this copperhead snake when you were out or is it a display?

    1. The copperhead is a picture they gave us of what they look like. I guess I should have clarified that. Charlie and I never saw one, but we did see a lot of squirrels which pleased Charlie.

  2. Lorne we are following your blog and love the stories and pictures, can’t wait to join up in January! hp

  3. Hey Lorne and Sue! Hope everything is well. I really enjoyed reading your post it's like we are visiting this nice places too. Enjoy the good weather there! A big hug from Marcos and me. ✨����✨

    1. Thanks for commenting. Thats what makes doing this all worth while. Make sure to write a comment if you see something that makes you smile.

  4. Enjoy reading about your travels I am showing rj on the map where you are so bit of info for him

  5. Thanks Karen and RJ for following along. I am going to post a small map of each days travels in the daily post and Sue is trying to find a better map to put on our home page which will cover the whole trip. That might make it easier for you to follow

  6. I read out of obligation as your favorite offspring.
    (now guess who)

  7. I have four favorite offspring and they are in order of age, Sheri, Derek, Kaitlyn, Karalee. Thank you for recognizing your obligations. Your favorite parent. LOL


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