Friday 18 November 2016

A Lazy Days RV visit

Today we had an appointment to view a new home in the park.  It was part of the reason we got to stay in the park for free.  We had agreed to look at some properties they had for sale to see if there was anything we liked.  There sure are a variety of floor plans.
After our sales tour we headed over to the Lazy Days RV dealer in Tampa.  We had arranged to meet our friend Anna there for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  As usual it was a great lunch and we enjoyed Anna's company for a couple hours.  She is living at her place in St Pete's FL for the winter.

By the time we had a good long visit and looked at a bunch of RV's it was late in the afternoon when we got back to Dees.  Dee got busy preparing a nice supper for us.

About the same time the sun was going down so I took some more pictures outside their place.

Our view is the same out our window tonight.


  1. Nice that you can stay for fee in exchange for looking at a couple of homes that they have for sale. Glad you are enjoying the company of Jim and Dee. Say hi to them for us.


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