Friday 11 November 2016

A Jellyfish

Thanks to everyone for all of the comments.  Now I know who is following us and I can fine tune what I think you might like to see.

Charlie and I went for another walk on the beach this morning before we left.  There were lots of horses on the beach this morning.  Charlie doesn't even pay any attention to them so that makes it easier if they are around.

The tide was out this morning and we saw some jelly fish in the sand.  This one is about the size of a grapefruit and is a cannonball jelly fish.  Cannonball jellyfish are the most common jellyfish in the Myrtle Beach area, and fortunately, one of the least venomous. During the summer and fall, large numbers of this species appear near the coast and in the mouths of estuaries. Cannonball jellies have round white bells bordered below by a brown or purple band. They have no tentacles, but they do have a firm, chunky feeding apparatus formed by the joining of the oral arms.  I included a link to a website to check out all the jellyfish in the area, just for RJ.

Cannonball Jellyfish
About 11 am we headed south again.  It was beautiful in Myrtle Beach but our site was booked by someone else for the weekend.  We followed highway 17 south to Savannah Georgia.

Along the way we saw some ships.  I have never seen a large container ship before so this was a bonus for me.

Something that the east coast has lots of is bridges of all sorts.  This suspension bridge was on our way into Savannah.  The Talmadge Memorial Bridge spans the Savannah River between downtown SavannahGeorgia, and Hutchinson Island.  These large bridges are necessary for ships to pass underneath.  Savannah is a busy container loading port and is the fourth busiest seaport in the USA.

Susan has been in a lot of the pictures lately so she decided to take some of us as we cruise along.  This is what my job is on our travels.

Stressful job.
And this is what Charlie's job is.

Even more stressful job.
We are in a Walmart parking lot tonight because we arrived late.  The view from our window is interesting tonight because Sue is getting in the Christmas spirit.


  1. Charlie looks rather uncomfortable, perhaps he was needing to be covered up with his blankie...

  2. Yes the poor wee guy is so unloved. I like the tree too


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