Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Watching Cruise Ships

Today we stayed around the Campground and watched some ships go out to sea.  This was the first day I could actually put shorts on and I hope they stay on until next fall.  I love the warmth in the air.

Earlier in the day we saw a Casino Cruise go out today and a Carnival Cruise (Norwegian Breakaway) come in.  It is amazing to see that huge ship just spin around in the channel and back into its port.

Carnival Cruise coming into port at about noon
This big guy turned on a dime and parallel parked

The daily Casino boat heading out
We went for a nice walk on the beach in the afternoon.  Poor Charlie is not allowed on the beach so we left him in the Motor home.  He did very well and didn't get into anything.  I think he is finally considering it home and is not worried if we leave him there.  He sure loves all the squirrels here and sits and watches them constantly.
Not many people today
A couple of tourists on the beach
I did a few odd jobs around the Ponderosa that have been waiting on me for a while.  One of the jobs was finishing the stairs.  It turned out quite nice.

We were going to take a tour of Cape Canaveral but we are enjoying just soaking up the sun and walking on the beach, so will do that tour another time.  We have to remember that we are not on holidays but rather this is where we live.  We don't have to be on the go all the time.  We had some egrets come scavenging around our neighbours site.

 In the evening we were down by the water when the Norwegian Breakaway left port again.  This is a huge cruise liner at a 1069 ft long, 18 decks for a total height of 179 ft.  It is 130 ft wide and accommodates 3963 guests. This ship tours from New York City to the Bahamas and back with a stop here.  It sure looked pretty all lit up at night.

Our view tonight with a little bit Christmas thrown in.

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  1. You took the fake tile stuff off the stairs? What is that you replaced it with? Wood? Vinyl? ??


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