Wednesday 16 November 2016

We finally need Air Conditioning

Another day around this pretty campground.  Lots of smaller boats going in and out of the harbour.  A big Coast Guard cutter came in around 9 am.  There were lots of people on board.  I guess it takes a few people to do the job they are doing.

Susan and I went for a bike ride on the beach.  The sand packs quite nicely and it is just like pavement to ride on.  Except for certain spots where the front tires will dig in and stop you in a hurry if your not careful.

Today we are getting the last minute arrangements in place before our Mexico trip.  We had to find Charlie a boarding kennel for the week, and we forgot this is Thanksgiving weekend here so it was hard to find one.  After a few calls we got one.

This is the first day with the AC on.  Although it is only 24C it is quite humid which makes it feel hot.  Later in the afternoon we decided to go for a drive to Titusville and ended up at Walmart there.  We were looking for a collapsable wagon to haul stuff in the campground.  To make a long story short we didn't get a wagon but did manage to lose my cell phone.  We noticed it gone within probably 5 minutes of losing it and ran back to the store, but to no avail.  The wrong person must have noticed it and snitched it.  We had the tracking device on Susans phone but it showed it out in the parking lot.  We searched all over and went back to customer service a number of times but no one turned it in.  So it is gone.  If anyone wants to contact me please contact Susans cell phone number and I will get it.  I guess I should get this new device so I don't lose it any more.

There is no view out our window tonight because I have no phone to take the picture.


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