Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bridge and Tunnel today

Because it was dark when we set up camp last night I will include our view from the window in todays post.

Also took one of the great spot we had and the little narrow road through the trees.  Sue did a great job as usual of finding this in the dark.

Road was about a mile long winding through the trees
At the end of the road a lovely clearing
Before we left a local hunter came along and talked my ear off for 20 minutes or so.  He told me he would love to come to the Prairies to hunt, but most of the conversation was him trying to make up his mind who to vote for in the Presidential Election today.  The eastern seaboard certainly are sporting all Trump signs but he was a little undecided.

Today we were going to cross the Chesapeake bridge tunnel.  The Chesapeake project is is a four-lane 20-mile-long vehicular toll crossing of the lower Chesapeake Bay.  There are three bridges that are about 6 miles long each, with two tunnel under the bay that are about a mile long each.

The tunnels are a little bit scary in the motorhome because the lanes are normal width with no shoulder at all. You have to keep it between the lines for a mile while going 55 mph and trucks coming at you and you realize your mirrors are only missing each other by a foot or so.  I must admit I wouldn't want to go more than a mile like that because the tension is as the very top of the scale.  Good for the old ticker.

And here come the trucks
No room for error.  (Sorry about the reflection)
Once out of the last tunnel we could see Virginia Beach in the Distance.

Destination is at the end of the bridge on the left.
We started to see some fields of Cotton by the road.  That is one operation I want to stop and watch, but we didn't see anyone harvesting or picking today.  

Cotton field
Sue found us a lovely little spot by the mouth of the Neuse River.  I think we are on the approach path for the naval base across the river.  Lots of jets flying over.

That is white sand not snow.
Here is where we travelled today.  We are near the beach in the Croatan National Forest

Window view tonight.  Beach is behind us.


  1. We went over and under the Chesapeake bridge tunnel on our honeymoon back in 1984 and thought it was pretty cool. Quite the engineering feat for sure. Looks like a couple of great boondocking spots. Sue is doing a super job.


  2. That tunnel would scare the snot out of me with my poor depth perception in the dark!


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