Monday 21 November 2016

And we are off to Cancun

We have a 3:45 flight to catch today out of Miami International Airport.  First we had to drop Charlie off at a doggy hotel in Fort Meyers and then a 3 hour drive to Miami.  Miami is a large city with crazy drivers, even at noon on a Monday.  They will scrape your bumper changing lanes and smile at you.  Sometimes I long for the quiet country roads of home where you don't even attempt to pass if you can see a car on the horizon.

We crested the hill and there they were, cars everywhere and all jockeying for position.

First task was to drop the car off at Florida Parking which is a little airport parking facility that only charges $5.99 per day and has a shuttle to and from the airport.

Waiting for the shuttle
Off to the Miami Airport to await our flight.  We are happy to be going to join our good friends Ron and Barb in Mexico to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Kara.

This is the first time in my history of winter vacations where the temperature at the departure airport (Miami 27C) was higher than the destination airport in Mexico. (Cancun 26C)  It kind of distracts from the whole purpose of a winter holiday.

Our plane came in and we boarded and off we went. 

Our plane awaits

Taking off from Miami

The flight is 1 hour and 20 minutes and flies very close to Cuba.  It was a hazy day so all we could really see was plumes of smoke from factories.

Smoke from factories or electric generating plants
We landed in Cancun on schedule and noticed that the tower was sponsored by a beer company.  Wouldn't we be surprised if we flew into Winnipeg and noticed it sponsored by Labatt Blue or something??

After going through immigration and customs (We pressed the button and got a red light!!) we headed to our hotel on a shuttle.

Arriving at our Resort
We met everyone who is here for the wedding before heading off to bed.  This reminds me of the song "sleeping single in a double bed" cause that is the case here.  We have been spoiled by King and Queen size beds and can not sleep together comfortably in a double bed so I guess we will each choose a bed for the week.

I'm the oldest so get the one by the bathroom...
The view from our window tonight.

Yes that is a Jacuzzi on the balcony.  Nice.

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