Monday, 14 November 2016

Florida bound

Today we left Brunswick GA and headed down the road to Port Canaveral Florida.
 Not long into our trip we went across the state line.

Susan found a great little place called Jetty Park Campground.  It is right on the main route in and out for all the Orlando Cruise ships. We booked it for 3 nights so we can just sit and relax for a while.  We are right across the river from Cape Canaveral where a lot of the famous rockets and space shuttles have blasted off to make history.  Some of the ones that come to my mind are John Glenn who was first man to orbit the earth,  Apollo 11 which put man on the moon for the first time, and the space shuttle Challenger that blew up shortly after liftoff.  If you were alive when any of these happened I bet you can remember where you were when it happened.

Our campsite
We were hardly set up when we heard the sounds of singing and partying and ran out to see the Disney Cruise heading out.  They sure do a good job of entertaining everyone on their cruises.

Shortly after that a Carnival Cruise liner headed out to sea.  This one was a bit smaller and there wasn't any partying going on but still lots of people waving goodbye as they set out on their adventure.

We took a walk down to the other end of the campground and saw one more cruise liner still in port.   We waited for it to leave but we were in bed when we heard the horn blow.  Some of the campsites have a great view of the boats coming and going, but this is an area without dogs so we couldn't camp there.

We have a lovely Hibiscus tree in our front yard. These tropical beauties have brilliant blooms in an array of colours. Most common are scarlet, yellow and orange, but there is a broad range of colour combinations and shades. Although individual flowers usually last only a day or two, the flowering season lasts nearly all year long.

The view from our window tonight.


  1. We have stayed at this park once before back in March 2008 when our daughter and husband (then boyfriend) came to visit with us for a couple of weeks and we watched a rocket take of with a satellite attached to it. It was a very cool sight to see. We even got our campsite free for the night because they messed up with giving us a campsite for the night, so that was an added bonus!

  2. We love it here. I haven't got the nerve up to go out in the kayak. I would be a bit nervous around the big boys on the water here, although I have seen kayaks floating around.

    1. I think I might be a little nervous about it too. When we were there we saw them escorting a submarine out as well. Also keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, we saw quite a few of them in the bay area there to. It's fun to watch them.


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