Wednesday 2 November 2016

Last day in New York

Today we woke up to a strange sight for a pair of country bumpkins.  A boat going by our motor home.  Oh wait, we are parked at a marina.

We spent the day in uptown Manhatten today.  Took a little tour around Central Park but before we left we stopped for a burger at the Shake Shack.  Really good food there.  While we were there the fire alarm went off and no one even flinched.  We carried on with lunch and soon some firemen showed up but didn't seem too concerned.
New Yorks finest
I grabbed a coffee to go and away we went on the tour bus.  We like to ride upstairs right at the front. There is a little ledge that runs the full length of the bus just below seat level so it makes a perfect place for me to set my coffee.  NOT!!  First thing that happens is I knock it over and spill the whole thing on the ledge.  As the bus accelerated the coffee would all disappear as it ran all the way to the back, and every time he put on the brakes it would all come running to the front. We laughed the whole trip as the coffee went back and forth.
the coffee ledge.  there is a person back there
Before heading home to pick up Charlie we got a little sneak preview of Macy's Christmas window display.  Sue said we will have to come back time in December to see the full Christmas at Macy's.

Macys from across the street.  Didn't have energy to go over there.

We knew we were done when we got on the subway and almost went to sleep.  Thanks New York, and see you again.


  1. Too funny about the coffee. We both chuckled as we could picture it running up and down the ledge!

  2. We always find something to laugh about. I kept wondering what the people at the back were thinking everytime it went by them..


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