Saturday 12 November 2016

Visit with Friends

Well Walmart stop in Savannah Georgia was quite an experience.  When we stop at most Walmarts, there is a protocol that is normally followed.  No slides out, no jacks down, no chairs out, no BBQs.  Its just supposed to be a place to catch a few winks before moving on.  Well I guess in Savannah Georgia, they must have missed that memo.
 The back part of the Walmart parking lot where RVs normally park was like a junk yard.  There were trucks everywhere with trailers unhooked.  There were all sorts of old RVs in various states of repair.  I observed one lady there who was obviously living in her car.

There was even a Motorhome that looked like it had been abandoned and stripped down after a little fender bender.  Although it was a different environment than what we are used to, we never felt unsafe.  I talked to some of the locals and they seemed quite nice so we decided to stay overnight.

In the morning I headed into Walmart before we left and got a flu shot.  Because both Sue and I were sick earlier so we never got one in Canada.  I was surprised when if found out they are only $30.00 so I got one here.  I had some time to browse while waiting and I noticed that Christmas is starting to take over the stores.  Even Santa has arrived at Walmart here in the south.

Our travels today were from Savannah GA to Brunswick GA which is only about 60 miles.

We were meeting with our friends Ed and Lessie who are there getting repairs to their RV.  They came to meet us in the Golden Isles Campground where we will be set up for a couple days.

We all went out to supper at their favourite pizza place called Sals. What a great place for pizza and pasta.

The view from our window tonight.

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