Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Lesson learned

We headed out of Jersey City about noon today.  Although it cost us $100 a night to park in a parking lot, the close proximity to everything saved us lots of time and transportation costs.  The train cost us 2.75 a trip to Times square.  So all in all it served as place for us to come back to and sleep, and remember that the average no frills hotel room goes for about $300 bucks a night. Before leaving we took a picture of our Ponderosa with Jersey City and New York in the background and the marina beside us.

Jersey City in front, NYC in the background.

New York City has left a lasting impression on me.  This city is a melting pot for anyone who wants to come and forge out a living here.  It is a city that has for over a hundred years opened its arms to immigrants from all over the world to come and they were told that they were welcome here no matter what.  Without knowing it, New York became the greatest social experiment in the world.  People from every corner of the world came and had to find a way to get along with their neighbors.  Africans, Asians, Jews, Irish, British, German and many other countries all came together here.  And for the last 3 days I have witnessed how that social experiment has worked like a charm, at least from a tourists eyes. We asked for assistance from lots of people and without fail everyone went above and beyond to make sure we were pointed in the right direction on the street, on the train, or in a store.  Every single person we spoke to was friendly and polite and we never once felt that we were in any danger of any kind.  Everywhere we went people of different cultures were working hand in hand and those visible and cultural differences seem to mean nothing to them.  I think we in our small communities should take a lesson from the Big Apple.

One has to remember that every city or country has areas where maybe one does not need to go because you have no business there.  If you do go and forget to mind your P’s and Q’s there is a possibility someone will show you their business.  So go places where you should go, and when you go there be respectful and friendly and the courtesy will probably be reflected back to you.   New York City is one of those fantastic places.

The thing that hung over me the whole time I was there was what it was like on 911.  I couldn’t even imagine the confusion in those already crowded streets. And why did they choose to reign their terror on NYC?  I know it is the financial hub of America but I wondered if it was actually because NYC has figured out how to live in a sort of harmony and peace.  Would not a terrorist be very jealous of that and want to try to drive a wedge in that kind of culture.  If that was even a small part of the reason, it is obvious to me that it did not work.  In fact I think after seeing the memorial and all of the people in silent reverence there, I think it may have drawn them closer together.  Out of those ruins have risen a people determined to forge ahead and create the best life possible for themselves and I applaud them for that. 

Thank you NYC for the lesson, and I promise to try to live in better harmony with my fellow man, wherever I might be.

We travelled south for about 3 hours through some beautiful country and stopped to do some grocery shopping along the way.  We followed Highway 9 south and in places it was only 2 lane and trees up to the sides of the road.

Once again Susan went above and beyond and found us an awesome spot by a lovely little river.  We plan to relax here for a couple days as the weather is supposed to be quite nice.

We had a little trouble with Charlie this evening.  After supper we let him out for a bit and as there wasn't another person around for miles we let him wander a bit.  About a half hour after we let him back in he started showing signs of what we humans view as drunkenness.  He would try to get up and his legs didn't want to work right and his eyes were funny.  I took him out and he almost fell sideways down a little hill.  When I took him in he just flopped down and we could hardly wake him.  Even treats didn't appeal to him.  We found the name of a vet in case things got worse but decided to just monitor him.  He lay in the living room when we went to bed which is unusual.  I got up a few times and checked on him and his breathing and heart rate seemed good so I went back to bed.  About 4 am there was a jump on to the bed and he came snuggling up for a cuddle.  When we got up in the morning he was as normal as normal could be and was waiting eagerly for his breakfast.  We thought maybe he took a bite of a mushroom or something.  Anyway he is back to normal again and we are relieved.

Our view from the living room tonight.


  1. Love your camping spot! That is the kind of place we look for all the time. Glad to hear that whatever was the problem with Charlie seems to have disappeared and that he is back to normal. Perhaps something bit him?

  2. It was quite scary for us. Thanks for your concern.


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