Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Day number 2 started out with a little walk on the beach before breakfast.  It is very quiet on the beach at that time of day.

Later in the day we went back to lay on the beach and it was quite busy.

One of the animals that there are lots of on the resort is the Coati.  This is an animal from the racoon family and seems to get into everything.  They are quite tame and travel in large groups.

In the afternoon Ron and the girls went on a parasail ride in front of our beach.  They said it was awesome.

All of the heat and action catches up to a person so we all headed for bed right after the evening show in the live theater. 


  1. You two didn't partake in the parasailing? It's a lot of fun! :-)


    1. Susan went parasailing. I will add some of the pictures another girl took from the boat while they were out there. I got left on the beach to watch cause they had enough for a boat load. I would love to go some time.


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