Thursday 22 November 2018

Thanksgiving Again!!

Canadian Snowbirds are lucky because we get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year.  In Canada we had our Thanksgiving on October 8th this year.  Canadians do not celebrate quite like the Americans do, but we do take time to be thankful for all our blessings. We are thankful for our families and the necessities we need to carry on life.  We are thankful for life itself, because our family knows how fragile we as humans are, and how quickly the breath of life can be taken away.  The bad thing about two Thanksgivings, is that we get to gorge ourselves twice in a short period of time and then very quickly it is Christmas and we do it all over again.

Our Thanksgiving began here in De Soto National Forest, with the arrival of 3 young horse people bearing Beignets.  Our neighbours seem to like to cook them quite often and are very generous in sharing them with us. Thank you for your generosity.  They are so yummmmmy!

Chuck certainly enjoyed his.

Most of our day was spent getting things in order for the Thanksgiving dinner we have been invited to.  Yes Terry and Janey and their family have invited us to enjoy dinner with them.  As I mentioned yesterday, Sue is taking Canadian Butter tarts and Angie and Pat are bringing something as well. There were probably about 30 people there when we arrived.  It wasn't long and we were feeling right at home.  We had some good laughs sharing some of the differences between Americans, and Canadians and the things we say.  Eh??

One of the Turkeys was cooked in the garbage can.  This way only takes 90 minutes to cook the bird and it comes out really juicy.  The other Turkey was cooked in the deep fryer in hot oil with some great spices added.  Both were done to perfection.

Our plates were full and just like my friend George from Our Awesome Travels I will show you our supper plates.

There was more food on the tables than even 30 of us could begin to eat but we did try.

Here is the supper gang chowing down.

I can't say enough about the hospitality of our neighbours and the friendship shown to us by everyone that was there.  We are finding this everywhere we go.  With all the crap happening in the world it is so refreshing to be away from that and I sometimes wonder if you attract what you are in life!!

Once again Chuck seemed to be enjoying it more than anyone!!

After supper Janey gave the girls a tour of their living quarters in their horse trailer.  I showed you pictures of that unit the other day.  They also got to tour another unit as well.

We heard a commotion out back and headed to see what it was.  Some of the young guys were trying to "Ride the Pine."  They climb up a young pine to where it can't support their weight anymore and it starts to bend and down they ride it right to the ground before letting go.  It takes a lot of work to climb up these things because there are not a whole lot of branches on them.

Gramps conferring with the young troops on who will go next.

As usual we ended our evening with a bonfire.  We had a sparkle package left over from the ones we sold at CJ's this summer.  They make the prettiest colours in the fire.  Do you see the purple??

    Here is the view out our window tonight:


  1. What fun! And I definitely think you are right Lorne, you do attract what you are in life. That garbage can turkey looks interesting.

  2. I agree, you attract like people, or at least I believe one does. The meal looked amazing and the garbage can turkey was certainly something I've never heard of before. Happy Belated US Thanksgiving!!!


  3. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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