Tuesday 11 January 2022

A Day on the Beach in Chacala

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today is Kenia's day off so we arranged to take them to Chacala to the beach for the day.  There are lots of activities there and lots of beach vendors with good stuff to eat.  We loaded up around 11:30 and headed up there.  Its about a 20 minute drive north of here. 

The beach is different than La Penita because it is just a gentle slope but can have some pretty big waves occasionally.  You will get a bunch of nice bobbing style waves, and then a big breaker will come in and if your not ready, you get slammed into the sand by it.  It can be 3 or 4 feet over your head.  The kids love it.

Kenia, Alejandra, and Oscar found a pineapple vendor who does up fruit cups.  They were delicious and hit the spot for a snack before the kids hit the water.  Everyone needs their fill of sandy fruit!!!

The kids rented a couple paddle boards and they had a blast riding the waves.  They did stand up for a while but the rolling waves kept them off balance most of the time.

I always marvel at the catamarans and sailboats anchored in the harbor.   Some of them are worth in the millions I'm sure.  I would love to try sailing but then I shake my head and wake up and realize I will never be a sailor.   There was a large sailboat came in and anchored while we were there.  I watched and it took about half an hour to set the anchor to where they were satisfied that it would hold.

The sun goes down everyday and that is the signal to pack up and head home.  It is great to head out with the wind blowing in our hair.  We are sure glad we brought the yellow jeep.

Another day on the beach in Mexico.  We are so blessed.  We sometimes forget we are old folks when we are playing on the beach and galivanting in the jeep.  Hopefully we can do this for a long time yet.  Hope you had a great day!!
I heard somewhere today that booster shot #4 is available now.  Really?   One might start to need one of these shirts soon.  

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