Tuesday 4 January 2022

A Trip to Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan Hot Pools

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today we are going up to the Hot Pools to relax.  Why would we go to hot pools when it is 30C you ask?  Well they are inland and the humidity is lower there and we are up in the mountains so the temp is likely more like 24 or so.   Plus it is a neat drive with a neat experience at the end of the drive.   We set off about 9:30 ish for a 27 km trip.  The first 10 kms are pavement so we whipped right along.

Then we came to the y in the road not far from the little town of Alta Vista and the road turned to a dirt/cobblestone single lane trail through the mountains.  Perfect Jeep country!!  It took about 1.5 hours to make it up the the hot pools from La Penita.  Remember 27 kms total!!  Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan is the name of the pools.  Anyway, back to the road.  There are short stretches of cobblestones on the hills and lots of good old mountain dirt and dust.  And bumps are thrown in for free.  Lots of little villages or maybe just farm yards by the side of the road.

George and Henny led the pack, and then Sue went with Pat and Harold in position 2, John and Loren in 3, and Oscar, Kenia and I were in the rear.

Beautiful flowers on the bushes growing in some of the little yards.  

And everybody in Mexico has chickens.  

When we arrived, the place was quite busy.  There were probably 20 vehicles there and only 5 or 6 pools to choose from.  You choose a pool and it is filled with warm water and you keep the same pool all day.  It costs 60 peso's a person which is like 4 bucks.  They have basic bano's there.  The mens had a laundry basket with a plastic bag inside that they used for flushing.  Whatever works!!!   I didn't look where it went when flushed but I can only bet you could find it running down the creek a short way from the bano.

We had a good sized pool, big enough for all 8 of us.  There are probably 20 different pools and they were all occupied at one time.  I spent most of 3 or 4 hours we were there in the pool, while others only had a short dip.  Both Kenia and I had short naps because it was so soothing in the water.  We both got caught on camera with our eyes closed.  Kenia was first with the nap and I followed shortly after.

Kenia and Oscar were laughing at me sleeping.  I guess my head was nodding.

After a few hours it was time to start the trek back home.  Sue came with us this time and Oscar and Kenia were in the back seat.  We picked up the pace a bit on the way home so it only took like 45 minutes.  

The kids wanted to sit on the beach when we got home so we spent an hour or so there before ordering pizza for supper.  Archie wouldn't go near the ocean when we got here but now he lets the waves sweep over him sometimes.  He is so scruffy!!

There are lots of pelicans here and they make for an interesting picture sometimes.

Here are some nice sunset pictures again.  I can't quit taking them. 

Kenia tried to photo bomb one picture but all she did was add a little more beauty to it.

A great day was had by all.  Hope your day was great too!


  1. The hot pools look like a fun place to spend a day!

  2. We've been there a couple of times on ATV's. Nice spot to relax.


  3. That looks like a relaxing way to spend the day!

  4. That looks like fun! We're you tethered in case you dropped below the surface when you dozed?? 🤣😴
    I never tire is sunset pictures either, yours are beautiful over the water.

  5. It is a relaxing experience as you can see by my picture.


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