Tuesday 18 January 2022

Another Shopping Trip to PV

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

A little trip to Puerta Vallarta today to pick up some things.  Kenia has Tuesday off, so we took her with us to get supplies.  First item on the menu was a stop for a couple tacos at a little stand along the way.  I absolutely love doing this.  It was very tasty.  I love how the plates are covered with a thin plastic bag so there are no dishes to do!!!!

Guess where our first stop was?

The girls picked up supplies and I went looking around.  Don't these scooters look great?  I think we should have on one day.  The price is doable as well.  $1800 bucks Cnd.  

On the other hand, I have been looking for a new 20 lb propane tank because the fittings are different in Mexico, and we can't get our Cnd bottles filled.  One bottle was $90 Cnd.  Don't think so!!!  I guess we will find a different way to get propane.

One more stop on the way home at the Electric Wholesale shop.  I wanted to pick up a corrector like I talked about on my post the other night.  It cost me about $240 Cnd and should fix all of our electrical problems.  

Kenia had a little nap on the way home.  She can sleep anywhere.  I wish I was like that.

Our neighbor Donna is putting in a new pool in her back yard.  We have been watching the progress over the last couple days.  Now the concrete is going in and it is all mixed and placed by hand.  I will try to get daily pictures of the progress.  We feel a bit like criminals, taking pictures through the chain link fence.  There are lots of 5-gallon pails in use to pour this concrete.

Our daughter Kaitlyn was telling us that the kids were going back to school again.  I thought this was appropriate for the occasion.  Hope all is well with you!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day trip. Those scooters are cool! We'd see you two coming.......oh wait, we can see you coming in your yellow Jeep! :)
    Love the last picture, that about says it all!

  2. Haha, sadly that last picture is almost so true!


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