Thursday 13 January 2022

A Fence for Archie

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Sort of a plain kinda day today.   A Swim in the pool, a walk on the beach with Archie, lunch, supper and all those normal things.  The ocean is a little rattled today and kicking up a bit of froth.  Our friends from the other park posted on FB that they saw a whale and her baby shortly after she gave birth.  What an awesome event.  Mama whale was spotted a few times apparently, but we didn't see her.

Our project today was to buy and build a fence for Archie.  Although our RV park is dog friendly, Archie is a bit over the top for some people, so we have decided to keep him confined.  We have a nice large area around our Motorhome with a front and back yard, so by putting up a fence, he will have lots of room to run.  We got 65 ft of concrete reinforcing wire and 10 - 4ft pieces of 1/2 rebar for 2000 pesos at the building supply store.  That will be enough to make the entire fence.  About $120 Cnd.  

Harold and John gave me a hand and we got it all strung out today and will do the final touches tomorrow.  We will need a couple gates and a bit more wire to finish it.  By the time we got it all strung out, it was getting dark.

Archie had some fun with a cardboard box while enjoying the enclosure.  We enjoyed a good feed of Kenia's Alitas de pollo (chicken wings).  I had pineapple with a zing, and Sue had Parmesan. We look forward to using some of her flavours back at CJ's this summer.

Nothing else to report for today so hope you had a great day.  Manana!!


  1. Maybe you should bring back another one of those fences for me

    1. They work great. Do you want the fence for you or a dog. If its for you, a little bigger one might work better.


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