Monday 24 January 2022

A Mexican Haircut

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I had a couple missions today.  Both missions involved walking downtown which means crossing the estuary over what we call the stinky bridge.  For some reason, today it was spectacular looking out to the ocean.  I took various pictures of it today, but this one won the prize.

My first mission was to go downtown to get our needed daily supplies.  We are slowly learning not to buy a weeks' worth of produce and meat, but rather buy each day what we need to get through to tomorrow.  The produce is so fresh and lush and of course the seafood is too.  Today I grabbed a couple fish and some veggies for supper tonight and tomorrow.  This is the produce store that we frequent.  They have bins of veggies inside too, but you gotta know that the outside ones are the freshest.

When I got home, there was this Katydid on the screen to meet me.  Now we have bugs at home, but down here the bugs are the size of small birds.  This guy was as big as the palm of my hand.  When he flew away, there was a flock of birds descend to try and eat him.  I think he made it to the bushes in time.

Before I headed back downtown for mission number 2, we had a nice little rain shower.  This is the first rain we have witnessed since we got here.  Although this is in an area of tropical rainforest, this time of year is the dry season.  We needed a little rain to get things greening up again and it also smells so good after a rain.  So, I headed back downtown on my mission.  This is what the streets looked like after the rain.

Every day I walk by this 3-story building and have been watching the progress.  Today they were doing the final wall plastering with fine cement.  The workmanship is so amazing, and it's interesting to observe what they do.  I always note the lack of stupid types of safety stuff that we must have in place before we even enter a workplace.  Don't get me wrong, but at home, we have lost common sense to safety programs.  These guys were working on the third floor with no safety railing on the deck and scaffold that was secure I'm sure, but just the bare minimum needed to get the job done.  This guy was aware that if he got careless, he would not be coming to work tomorrow.  He didn't need cables and barriers, because he knew his job.  Also, his sandles would make him aware of stepping where he shouldn't. lol

Well mission 2 was to get a haircut.  It's been a while since the last one and I need one that will be good for a while.  It is going to start to warm up a bit here and my hair doesn't help with the heat.  Kenia has a friend, Mimi, that is a hairdresser, so she took me there.  I told her let's make it short, and she did!!  75 peso's and I was outta there.  Thats like 5 bucks CND.  I think I got the local rate.

I headed home to get supper on the BBQ.  I had picked up a fish to do for supper.  I wrapped him up really good so he wouldn't get cold and left his little eye uncovered, so he could see what was happening.  He was very good for supper. 

The sunset tonight was spectacular again tonight 

I saw this and couldn't resist.  A couple of my favorite actors.  I couldn't imagine a hockey game with these guys in charge.  Keep your stick on the ice!!!

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  1. It's nice that you can walk and pick up your groceries, we really enjoyed doing that last winter when we were living downtown.


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