Thursday 20 January 2022

Alligators, Markets, New Hat, Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Archie and I went for a walk on the beach this morning and as we were going by the estuary, I noticed our friend the alligator was sunning himself.  He is about 6 ft long and we normally see him down by the stinky bridge.   The stinky bridge is called that because it is by one of the sewer plants and it always smells like grey water when you go on the bridge.   I need to do some research and see if the locals have named the alligator yet.

Harold and I walked down to the market today.  I wanted to buy a hat so I could have one when we go Jeep touring.  With the lid off, the sun tends to blind a person if it is in the wrong spot, so a hat will protect the eyes.  Also my big ole shnoz is starting to look like I have a drinking problem from all the sun it gets.  We found one at the market for 85 pesos, which is about 5 bucks Cnd.  It has some symbol on the front that everyone seems to like so I had to have it. 

Some of the streets we went down have some pretty old an monstrous trees in some of the old abandoned yards.  We haven't quite figured out why some of these lots are overgrown and full of junk when there are probably people who would love to own them and build a nice house on them.   Oh well, not my problem!!

Tonight we are doing a park wide supper at Sergio's.  P & H set it all up and went around and invited everyone in the park to join us.  We all walked down there around 6 pm. 

We ended up with 14 people for the coconut shrimp special.  Sergio and his staff did a wonderful job of feeding us as usual.  He had lots of people tonight.

Sue had the special and I had chicken alfredo just to be different.  Its a great way to get to know everyone on a little more intimate level.  We actually have a really nice bunch of people here right now and everyone seems to get along famously.

We all went home with our bellies full and a smile on our faces from all of the great stories that went around the table.  I will leave you with a little humour to keep you smiling.  Goodnight.


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