Monday 10 January 2022

Pats Birthday Celebrated

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today we started a little project that Jeff had talked to John and I about a few days ago.  He was wondering if we could dream up a fix for him and we kinda looked at each other and went...why not?  So today we started and here are the pictures of what we did today.  I will not show you the project until we complete it but here are the components so far!!

Today was Pat's 30+ birthday so we went out to celebrate.  She picked Las Brisas, which is a nice little 2nd floor restaurant beside the ocean where you get the most delicious lava bowl seafood thingy.  It was every bit as good as we remembered from 2 years ago.

The Malicon is right out front and is a lovely place to hang out in the evening.  That is also where the traditional La Penita sign is.

Happy Birthday Pat!!

Our neighbours John and Loren joined us for a celebratory drink after supper.  We have got a good group going on in the park this year.

And to end the day a little story.  Now most of you know how much I drink, so when Sue came home with this bottle for me I wasn't sure what to think.  Now I am a don't buy green bananas kind of guy so I'm thinking this bottle will far outlast me!!!  She said she got a good deal, 10 bucks CND so I can see why she bought it.  I'm sure it will be added to my estate at some point and the kids can fight over who gets it!!!  

So that was it for today.  Hope you had a great one!!  Goodnight.


  1. That's only a weeks worth now days for me. lol

  2. You gotta love Costco liquor stores but even for them $10.00 is a great deal!

  3. What is the juice beside it?? Cranberry??? Might be a good mix I hear! 🤔


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