Monday 31 January 2022

The Beach at Lo de Marcos

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

So, I have been watching the weather at home and I can't believe the winter you are having up there.  School has been cancelled more than it is on, and the forecast is either for cold weather or snow.  You guys just can't catch a break.  -38C at night is not even funny.  Work hard and pay into a good pension plan so you can run from this kind of weather in the future.  This morning was a beautiful morning to take a dip in the pool.  It is always so refreshing and gets the day started right.  The forecast here is very pleasant for the foreseeable future.

Jeff got us all set up for a photo!!

John and Loren invited us (actually I think we invited ourselves) to go to Lo de Marcos for a little change of scenery.  Lo de Marcos is just a few miles south of here and is a typical Mexican town, however it is a little closer to Puerta Vallarta, so it is a little busier than La Penita.  So down the road we went.

The town has the typical narrow streets, so we were happy to find a spot right on the main street near the beach.  John calls his great big quad cab truck, a redneck sports car.   It is one of those "give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around" trucks.

A little bit of a local tour and then down the beach to a quaint little watering hole at the far south end of the beach.   It was quite a walk so Cervas's were in order along with some guacamole and papas Fritos. 

Look who we ran into on the beach!!  Yup Brian and Sylvia.  We haven't talked to them since 2010 BC.  

On the way back down the beach, the pelicans moved in to take advantage of a school of fish.  It was like a feeding frenzy, and they dived in mass into the water.  Very neat to watch. 

When we got back to the park, we had a nice bonfire to end the evening.  I didn't stay too long cause I've been eating way too much Mexican food lately!!!  Gringo's tummies do not understand Mexican food.  

There are two things in life that are mesmerizing.  Bonfires and ocean waves and we have access to both.  How awesome is that.  


  1. Looks like a good beach day! Those pelicans all looked very hungry, poor fishes!
    Bonfires and waves are so relaxing
    Enjoy your warm sunny days 😎

  2. According to Wikipedia La Penita has a population of 20,000 while Lo de Marcos tops out at 3,500 during snowbirds season. I'd never describe Lo de Marcos as busier than La Penita; sleepier, slower, far more laid back would be my adjectives


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