Friday 7 January 2022

Just Another Day in Paradise

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We are trying a new thing with Archie so he has more range on the beach.  We don't want to let him run free quite yet so we got a 20 ft rope for a lead.  He doesn't pull at all and he seems to realize that he can explore and still be on a rope.  We are not trying to teach him to lead with it, but rather just keeping him under our control.

It was kinda a funk day today.  Nobody felt like doing much of anything and even when I was out I didn't take any pictures.  I did get a picture of Pat and Harolds decorations on the side of their motorhome.   They look quite nice.  Maybe they will leave them up all the time.

I did a quick trip up town in the evening for some things and stopped at Kenia's.  Her and her friend Alejandra were finishing their supper.  It was a corn thingy with some kinda cheezy things and they offered me some.  Man was it hot!!!  I had to get a hot chocolate to wash it down. 

Then there was this long weird sounding whistle outside and I asked what it was.  Kenia headed outside and came back with this tray of sweet potatoes with some sort of sweet drizzle on them.   Apparently that is what the whistle guy sells.  I was not a fan, and Kenia said they were not very good either.   Oh well I tried them at least.

Back home where Archie was showing some love to the new toy that Sue bought for her today.  He is such a little go getter.  After that there was not much action from anyone.  Bed time for me.  Goodnight.

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  1. Looks like Archie had enough action for everyone! :) Gibbs wouldn't just pull the toy apart, he would chew it and swallow what he could before I scooped it out of his mouth!
    I take him on the retractable leash for our morning walks for the same reason. He needs to stretch his legs better than the short leash allows.


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