Sunday 9 January 2022

A Wander Downtown

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Our routine here involves a walk on the beach with Archie a couple times a day.  He chases sand crabs all the way down the beach.  Today we got to the fish boat area just after they had thrown a big pot of fish guts in the water.   The pelicans and friggits go crazy over them.  There is not a scrap of any sort left when they are done.

By the time we walked back toward the park it was coming alive.  Frank and Jackie were out fishing and there were quite a few paddleboards and kayaks including our neighbour Arnie.  I'm sure I would spend more time in the water if I tried a paddle board.

The girls went to PV today for what I don't know.  They need an outing every once in a while, and its a nice break for us guys.  I went up town in the afternoon and hung out with Kenia when she was closed in the afternoon.  Siesta time runs from 2 to 5 each afternoon, and work just kinda ceases. Even the garbage truck just pulled over on the main street and the driver napped in the front and the garbage guy napped in the back.  

Kenia and I went out for lunch at Hinde Y Jamies for the fish or shrimp taco special.  It is a nice light snack for afternoon.  

Along with the taco, I had a coke.  They can't say that they don't warn you about the high sugar content.

And that was about the extent of my day.  The clouds rolled in about sunset so no pictures tonight.  The girls got home with their treasures safe and sound.  Life is good.  Hope yours is too!

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