Monday 17 January 2022

The Hidden Beach is not so Hidden Anymore!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning was a little different on the beach in front of our place.  The tides had risen to where the water was washing up and over the beach.  The ocean was almost angry in that it was breaking over the rocks just down from our place.  We don't see this too often so it's interesting to watch.  The ocean is a powerful beast when it wants to be and can be a soothing thing at other times.

We had arranged with George and Henny to get them to lead us to the "Hidden Beach".  It is a beach where you pay a little fee and in you go and you kinda enjoy it by yourself.  So, we met them about 10 and headed up there with some friends of theirs, Larry and Lorrie, and John and Loren, and Pat and Harold and us.  Quite a parade up the rough road to the fence where a guy sits waiting to let you in if you make it that far.  It used to cost a beer to get in, but now it is 100 pesos.  Still a good deal.

The whole trip is about 20 kms with about 5 kms of rough going.  You go down a steep hill and the forest opens up to a pretty little beach surrounded by rock hills.  It is picturesque.  It was actually a little bit busy today, but there is lots of room for everyone.  The water here is calm and lovely to swim in.

We had a nice lunch on the beach and did some swimming for a few hours.  

Midafternoon we headed back to town and spent a wonderful evening just chilling.  I got a message from our neighbor Normand that he had taken a nice picture of the moon tonight.  Thanks for the picture, Normand.  

Thus ends another day in Mexico.  We just marvel that we can be here and experience all of this.  Hope you get to do what makes you happy in life.  I just had a friend post this on facebook and it cracked me up.  Thanks Sandy!!



  1. What a lovely hideaway!! My kind of beach ⛱.

  2. Que hermoso paseo!!! What a lovely ride!!! I forgot that you don´t speak Spanish, jajajaja...Say hello to all the crew and spend a wonderful trip!!! Congrats.....We will keep in touch.

  3. That looks like a beautiful beach to spend the day on!


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