Sunday 2 January 2022

Supper with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The normal routine this morning, coffee, swim and more coffee.  I headed out for a walk after lunch to see what I could see.  I walked down to the breakwater between La Penita and Rincon Guayabitos.  There is a cross out on it honouring all the fishermen, past and present.  I walked out there to have a look at the beaches on both sides.

There were a couple guys out there fishing but I didn't see anyone getting any bites.  It does look like a great place to fish.

A little bit of geography of the area for you.  La Penita is a quiet little fishing town that houses lots of people who work for the hotels in Guayabitos.  If you check out the beach, there is not much happening in La Penita today.  Very few of the stores are open, and there are not many on the beach.  This was my view of the beach north of the breakwater.

Now in comparison, this is what is on the beach in Guayabitos to the south.  Guayabitos has a few Decameron all inclusive hotels as well as lots of other hotels.  Also it is still the holiday season for the Mexicans who come from inland to be at the ocean.  Quite a contrast.

While I was sitting out on the rocks, there were lots of crabs crawling around enjoying the sunshine.

It was interesting to see where the fishing boats were on shore up the canal and the fact that it is low tide means they are all high and dry.

All the walking made me really hungry, so I stopped by Kenia's restaurant for a hamburgesa.  She makes good ones.  It will fill the hole until supper.

We had another awesome happy hour and sunset tonight.  I took a couple shots on the beach.  First one was of Jackie and Frank fishing.  

The second shot was of Normand and Suzanne toasting the sunset!!

We headed out for supper with Pat and Harold and another couple we have met here in the park.  Mcgill and  his wife Alexandria are from Guadalajara and have spent the holidays here.  Mcgill speaks English quite well but his wife does not.  They are both beautiful people, and we have learned a lot about the Mexican culture from them.  They will be leaving in a couple days so we went to supper at Las Koritas tonight.  

The special on Domingo (Sunday) is Ribs.

The girls all had something different.  Sue got to have here curry shrimp again.  She loves that dish and Las Koritas does a great job of it.

It was a lovely night for outdoor dining and the restaurant was full.   We saw a few other people that we knew from when we were here 2 years ago.  

Another nice evening spent with friends over fine food.  It doesn't come any better than that.  Hope you take time to spend with your friends.  It is good for the soul.


  1. Happy New year Lorne and Sue . enjoy your winter

  2. Beautiful beach. Not even close to swimming weather up here in Gringo country. Seems fairly laid back and enjoyable there. Enjoy!

  3. The beaches are beautiful. Boy, that south end is packed!
    Your meals look yummy.
    I love your finishing sign about Friends. ♥


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