Wednesday 19 January 2022

Installed the Voltage Corrector Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today I had a couple projects to work on.  After our trip to PV yesterday I had to spend some time wiring in the new Voltage Corrector.  This unit will hopefully keep our power within the limits of the Electrical Management System, and it wont have to kick in and out all the time as the power fluctuates.  I wired it with plugs so that a 30 amp cord plugs into the IN side and our 50 amp cord plugs into the OUT side.  This way it is easy to remove it from the system and go back to normal cord configuration.

All the lights lit up like they are supposed to.  Houston, we have lift off!!!   A quick check of the EMS inside and confirmation that the power is right where it is supposed to be.  110 volts rather than the 134 we have been seeing sometimes.  The EMS never shut the power off once all day!!!  Success

While I had my electrical kit out, I decided to fix the extension cord for the lights on the fence that blew out last night.  Of course I had to grab the cord today and it was still live with the metal parts of the plug that melted hanging out!!!  That was a bit of an uplifting experience.  Note to self....always check that the power is off before starting the project.  I decided to fix it Mexican style so I just cut the plugs off and joined the wires together and soldered them.  Some black tape and a Mexican fix.   It will last for a long time now..

Time for a quick dip in the pool and then a short nap before Happy Hour.  

The pool installation next door is moving along quite quickly.  Today the brick layer was there building the walls.  I will go over tomorrow and get some good pictures of the progress.

The beach and sand levels have changed a lot out front lately with the different tides we have been having.  Our beach is actually quite steep down to the ocean now while before we had a kinda level shelf in front before it dropped to the water.

Our neighbour the fisherman was getting his boat and nets ready for when high tide came along and he could launch his boat.  That will be after dark, but it seems they like to fish after dark.

Sunset was not spectacular tonight.  Quite often with clouds like these, it is quite colorful, but not tonight.  Just a sunset.

After supper we headed downtown to find the Churro vendor.  They are such nice people.  She likes to pose for pictures. 

Sue and John posed with their churros and Sue managed to poke hers in front of his nose.

Sue and Lauren saw the neatest thing on the street.  A guy rode up on a bike with a dog in front of him.  He leaned his bike up against a pole and the dog stayed with the bike.  He was straddling the bar and had his paws on the handlebars.  This is apparently how he rode all the time.  Wow!!

Well that is what happened to us today.  Not real exciting but it was enough to get us through another day.  We are certainly enjoying the Mexican experience again this year and are sooo happy that we are missing all of the drama in Canada these days.  Hope you had a drama less day as well.  Goodnight.


  1. Excellent electrical work Lorne. I'm sure the load fluctuations are not good even if you have a cut-off. Nice way to relax afer a hard day's work 😄

  2. Yeah, if you are going to plug an RV into electricity in Mexico, you really need one of those units. In our Mexico travels we have seen voltage as high as 142, and as low as 98!

    1. Our EMS did a good job of blocking the highs and lows but it was annoying. This evens everything out real nice.

  3. All that electrical stuff is over my head so I'll just say Good Job! :) You happy, me happy.
    Love the picture of the dog on the bike! Adorable.♥
    I'm not fond of beaches that drop off into the ocean, I'm not a great swimmer but I would love the sun tanning spaces and the pool!

  4. The dog....too cute! Elva Shannon


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