Saturday 22 January 2022

It Seems Like All We Do Is Eat!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We had to go up town this morning to get some supplies after Archie's walk.  Going in the morning does 2 things, it is cooler for us to walk around, and there is a good chance I can talk Sue into stopping for breakfast.  Well I was successful with the breakfast stop!!   We walk right by Kenia's El Cafecito which is not a real good thing, because we always seem to stop which is not good for our trim figures.  This morning was no different.

Jenny and Kenia got busy preparing our breakfast and it was quick because no one else was there yet. 

We can both have a great breakfast and a smoothie for about 12 bucks Cnd.

I had the Eggs Benedict,

And Sue had the waffles.  Lots of nice fresh fruit with a little strawberry rose!!

When breakfast was over we headed downtown.  We ran into the guy selling honey on the street and he has honey suckers.  He sells them 3 for 10 pesos so I grabbed 3.  They are really yummy.  Notice 1 is missing already!!

We had been invited to come to a fundraiser supper for the iglacia near Tina's house tonight around 5 pm.  Tina is Kenia's Abuela if you remember.  Communities are great for looking after what they have and this small church doesn't have a big amount of people to draw from so we were glad to help.

They had a couple tables set up and were selling posole and sopes.  We had some of each and it was yummy!!  Posole is a sort of soup made with beef and maize and lettuce, onion, and cucumber on top with a side of radishes.  Sopes are like a taco only thicker and cooked over the fire with meat and salad type stuff on it.  

Oscar and Kenia joined us for supper as well.  Both of them are a joy to be around.  Come to think of it, the whole family have smiles on their faces most of the time.

We got to see Ceci and her new baby Julian.  He is a sweetheart.  I didn't take a picture so I stole one that she sent us.

When we were done, Kenia gave us a ride to her Cafecito which is partway home for us.  Of course we had to have a smoothie and a coffee with her before continuing home.  Another great day for us.  Hope yours was too.


  1. Ha ha, I was going to say that!! (about you guys eating!) Good for you, you don't get that back home so enjoy!
    Kenia and her family are cuties.

  2. I would have the opposite problem as you. As a super picky eater and non-lover of Mexican food I would probably wither away to nothing and blow away in the wind! Barb on the other hand would be with you for every meal!


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