Saturday 8 January 2022

A Little Tour in the Hills Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

A nice day for a walk on the beach with Archie.  Now that we have the long leash, he is much more relaxed and happier while walking.  We will certainly have to train him on a normal leash, but for now we like to see him have some freedom.  He loves to dig and this morning he was digging and digging and I wasn't watching him.   Next thing I know, he digs up this rotten fish carcass and boy did it stink.  When he dropped it, I had to be quick to get him away from it before he rolled in it.  

After lunch Sue and I went for a little drive to check out the cool pools that are just down the road from us.  They are kinda neat, but like we said, unless you want to have a huge pool party, the pool at our resort is just as warm.  It was a fun drive none the less.  The last part of the road is narrow and down a back alley to the parking lot.   

The other town is up the mountain a ways and is a neat town to explore.  Once again the roads are not much to write home about.  

We stopped at a little convenience store along the road to get a Coke.  The Mexican people drink gallons of Coke.  It has actually become a little bit of a problem with diabetes becoming a problem.  Anyway, lights in buildings in the day are just non existent.  You can see that the inside of this store was like the inside of a cow.  But Sue felt her way around and arrived back at the Jeep with a drink in hand.  16 pesos which is like a buck. 

We are glad we brought the old yellow jeep because doing these little jaunts up into the hills are not a problem for us and the dust rolls in over top of us, and the wind blows through our hair.  We spent a couple hours this afternoon just roaming around in it.   When we came home it was swim and happy hour.  We actually had treats tonight and quite a few people showed up for it.  No I didn't get a picture, but guess what I did get a picture of?  Yup, another sunset!!!  Oh first of all we had a little whale show but once again every time we want a picture, they won't do the spectacular breach with the tail and all.  But this is proof we saw them.  The black bump is the whale and he was out a couple miles.

There are a couple sail boats anchored out by the island and I thought of our blogger friends Shawn and Kim Hall who journalize their adventures on Shifting Gears.  They do awesome videos as well. I wish I had the know how to sail around in a sail boat but when I see all of the planning and set up, I am just as happy to read about it.  Give their blog a look.

The sun gave us a couple nice bursts tonight as it went down behind Rincon Guayabitos.  We love watching it and the whole process takes about half an hour because sometimes the colors afterwards are spectacular as well.

We even had the King of the beach, Jeff, out to survey his kingdom at sunset.  I think he is actually the official swim suit inspector for the area.

And about sunset, there are always pelicans dive bombing for fish out front of our place.

We finished up the evening with Archie on the beach with his friend Frank.  Frank is probably the same lineage as Archie and we think they are cousins.  Frank owns the beach and has let Archie be his buddy.  They are so fun to watch.

Another normal evening at our house with a quick walk up town and then off to bed.  Goodnight!


  1. Very strange adventure especially the dark store. Cute to see Archie with his new friend, Frank. Seems like appropriate naming for some reason. :)
    Sometimes the AFTER glow of a sunset is the better view. Gorgeous!

  2. You can keep those sunset pictures coming, I do not think anyone will ever get tired of them. Very cool to see whales, I would not get tired of seeing them either!


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