Thursday, 18 November 2021

A Desert Tour

WHERE ARE WE? 6 Mile Cove 

Everybody decided that this place is nice enough that we should stay another day.  Rather than stay overnight at Lake Havasu, we will move right down to Quartzite.  We have lots of projects to do there.  But for now, it was a do whatever you like day.  Sue and I opted to go on a Jeep tour to check out some of the coves nearby.  So we headed down to Nine Mile Cove.  We were told it was a nicer spot than 6 Mile Cove.  Its a long old bumpy road down to Nine Mile.  


The beach area is quite nice but a lot smaller than 6 mile.  The road is about the same length but very up and down and quite narrow.  I would not recommend 9 mile over 6 mile is you are taking an RV.  There is a Pit toilet there but no garbage dumpster.

There was a fisherman there so I guess it is worth coming down the lake to fish here.

On the way back to 6 mile we took a detour on Tamarisk Road.  It is really small parking area by the lake and no good for RV's so don't waste your time.  

The road down is in the same shape as all the other ones.  

Its just the end of the road not the end of the world!!!

One of the things in this part of the county is a pretty bush that grows near the water along the road.  It looks soft but my golly if you got hit in the arm with a branch it would tear you right open.  That the joy of this part of the country.  Everything is out to prick you in some way.

The Cottonwood Marina is on the other side of us and it has a paved road down to it so we decided to head down there.  It is almost like the Lake Mead Recreation Area is struggling a lot because the first thing we saw there was an old overgrown campground.  Very sad site.

There are some snowbird places farther down and they do have a motel and restaurant and boat launch.  It is like a ghost town right now because it is too early for the snowbirds to arrive I guess.

We did see the cutest little fishing boat.  I immediately thought of Aaron Douglas and Dustin back in Rivers.  They would love one of these boats.

That was the extent of our activities today.  We all sat around and had some treats while burning up the last of our firewood.  

Everyone enjoyed sitting around chatting.  Our group for tonight was Pat and Harold, Chuck and Angie, Dave, Lorne and Sue.  We ran out of firewood around 8 pm and everyone headed for home while the last stick burned out.  We always love a fire with friends and I'm sure there will be more.  Goodnight!


  1. A campfire with friends sounds like a perfect way to end a good day. I have to agree it is always sad to see an over grown RV Park. Last year near the crossing in Los Algodones we saw one we had passed several times that was overgrown being given a new life and that was a happy sight. Safe journey to Quartzsite.

  2. I misunderstood and thought you were headed to Lake Havasu.
    Your pictures show a great day and it is ending with a lovely campfire with friends.
    Enjoy the Q!

  3. We were going to go to Havasu but plans changed. Jello you know!!


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