Monday 29 November 2021

They Just Keep Coming!

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite AZ

After morning happy hour, I headed into town to get some stuff.  1st stop was RV Lifestyles to get new retraction springs for one of my levelling jacks.  It will be nice to be able to press the button and have them all retract again.  While I was there, I ran into a couple who provide voluntary roadside assistance.  They accept donations for their services as their means of payment.  Now I have not researched them so you make your own decisions if you ever decide to use them.  

Next stop was Road Runner Grocery for some cream for my coffee and then a stop at Quiet Times which is the drop off point for all Amazon stuff.  It is like Christmas when a parcel arrives.  Merry Christmas Sue!!  What a neat little fan!!

After I got home, I got a message from our friend Patsy wondering if the Jeep was going anywhere this afternoon.  I told her I would take her for run over near the sleeping giant across country.  She had read about our tour across country the other day and wanted to try some desert driving.  So, we headed out across country.  This was the mountain we headed to.


We made it over to the mountain but I think Patsy was concerned because the gas light came on as we were approaching.  She doesn't know that I operate below 1/4 tank all the time.  After a couple quick pictures, I turned it around and we headed for home arriving with lots of gas left in the tank.  I think she enjoyed the ride with the freedom of just heading out across the desert.  Her and Bill are heading out tomorrow but we may meet up again in Yuma and maybe all of us can check out the Valley of Names.

I spent some time preparing to replace the springs that I bought this morning.  The process involves stretching the spring about 4 inches and keeping it stretched out to be able to put it in place.  I will go through that process tomorrow.  I stretched the spring out using a rachet strap on the Jeep and then put screws in the spring to keep it from recoiling back.  Hopefully this will allow me enough length to put it together tomorrow. 

As I was finishing up the spring, a Motorhome drove up pulling a nice yellow Jeep.  Our friends from Manitoba who we spent time parked beside in Mexico, appeared in the door.  George and Henny have decided to spend a little time with us here in the desert.  We hope we can live up to their expectations.

George got busy and got everything out of the basement that they will need to survive here in the desert.

The twin Jeeps will stand side by side for the night.

We had a great Happy hour with everyone before heading in for supper.  We will try to do some interesting stuff tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a good day in the desert, of course, most days are. Just my opinion. Great having more friends show up.

  2. Somewhere in the Valley of Names there is a heart with Doug + Dolly on it. Can't believe you even move that Jeep without at least half full🤨 Glad Patsy live through it 😁

    1. She needs a ride in your Jeep!! You are probably a wilder driver than me!!


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