Wednesday 3 November 2021

Pat and Harold arrive!!

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada 

We relaxed a bit more today to recover from the busy day yesterday.  Pat and Harold are going to be here sometime today so we made sure our Jeep was holding there spot by us. 

Chuck and I piddled around with his solar and he got the panels put up on the roof.  We will get it up and working tomorrow hopefully.  Around 5 pm Pat and Harold arrived.  They have a nice little Class C and are pulling their Jeep.  It makes a good rig for travelling.

Today is Angies 29th Birthday plus a couple so Sue made supper to celebrate.  She made some Mexican because that is what Angie likes.  Of course there was lots of goofing around now that Sue has her sister back.

Chuck made sure that he got an Angel Food Cake for his wife and Sue made some fruit topping and whipped cream.  Yummy!!!  We didn't have a candle so I got a stick out of the fire for her to blow out.   Happy Birthday Angie!!!

Another great day with the addition of more friends.  We love having them all around.  Nothing quite like a bonfire to end the day.  It wasn't long and the yawns sent us scurrying home to bed.  Goodnight.


  1. Happy Birthday Angie! Welcome to Harold and Harold's wife! Glad they arrived safely. I love the tanned skin in the photos, makes me think of warmer times.

  2. Hi. I'm a new follower. The stick from the fire.....I love your sense of humor. Elva Shannon

    1. Elva, stick with Lorne and Sue, they will give you lots of entertainment! Ha ha! Love you Lorne!!

  3. It was a great Birthday. The dinner and cake was great and extra special celebrating with our Canadian friends that we haven't seen in so long.

  4. Happy Birthday, Angie! We're all 29 and then some. :)


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